Automatic Phishing Defense Stops Threats Fast

November 30th, 2020

Automatic Phishing Defense with Graphus is Simple and Effective
Today’s biggest threat is phishing. From ransomware to data loss, it all starts with a phishing email. As you look at ways to strengthen your 2021 cybersecurity strategy, it's time to look at new ways to defend your business with effective solutions that increase your security against digital threats without increasing your expenses.

Common signs of account takeover campaigns

November 11th, 2020

With more business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and even consumer-to-consumer transactions done over the internet, online accounts have become all the more tantalizing to cybercriminals. In an account takeover (ATO), a hacker assumes unauthorized control over someone else’s account to commit fraudulent transactions (e.g., eCommerce purchases and bank account withdrawals), data theft, and corporate sabotage.

Domain spoofing: What is it and how does it work?

November 11th, 2020

According to, spoofing is “a fraudulent or malicious practice in which communication is sent from an unknown source disguised as a source known to the receiver.” On the internet, three things are the most commonly spoofed: emails, IP addresses, and domains.

Graphus Named in 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security

November 11th, 2020

Graphus has been named in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security. This year, the phishing protection software was named a representative vendor for Integrated Email Security Solution (IESS).

“We believe Graphus’s inclusion in this year’s Gartner Email Market Guide as an IESS demonstrates the sophistication of our product to help a growing number of MSPs and SMBs protect their organizations against email-based cyberattacks,” said Manoj Srivastava, Co-Founder of Graphus and Head of Email Security Practice, Kaseya.