Mr. Korzeniewski is the former EVP of VeriSign and CFO of Network Solutions. He took Network Solutions public in 1998 and led the M&A with VeriSign in 2000, which was valued at $21B.

Charles Gold
Chief Marketing Advisor

Charles is the Chief Marketing Advisor at Graphus. He has more than 20  years of experience driving growth for innovative software, SaaS, and cybersecurity companies.  Most recently, he served as Chief Marketing Officer at Virtru, where he helped drive growth from zero to 8 figures of annual recurring revenue and more than 8,000 corporate customers in just three years.

Rick Gordon

Mr. Gordon is currently the Director at Inova Personalized Health Accelerator and former Managing Partner of MACH37 Cyber Accelerator. He is an expert on technology investing, business strategy and early-stage venture development.

Mr. van Gorder is currently Vice President of North America Sales for Clarabridge. Tom is a seasoned SaaS and Enterprise software sales management professional with experience in building early stage venture backed companies.