3 Reasons Why AI Email Security is a Vacation Must-Have

July 07, 2022

Heading out to a fun destination this summer? With the world opening up and beloved events coming back in the wake of the pandemic, everyone’s ready for some relaxing fun in the sun. But it’s hard to relax when you’re worried about cyberattacks. That’s why choosing the right email security solution is so important. When you choose AI-driven automated email security, you can feel confident that you’ve put the right protection in place to prevent email-based cyberattacks like ransomware, business email compromise and other damaging disasters. Here’s why. 

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3 Major Reasons Why AI-Enabled Automated Email Security is a Vacation Essential 

The last thing that you want to worry about on your long-awaited vacation is a cybersecurity problem popping up. These three reasons show you why when you choose innovative AI-driven email security, you can leave those worries at home by effectively mitigating email security-based risk and reducing the chance of having a cyberattack rain on your parade.  

AI Doesn’t Fall for Social Engineering Tricks 

AI doesn’t fall for cybercriminal psychology tricks like social engineering. Unfortunately, people do and that’s a fast path to disaster. Social engineering is the catalyst for 93% of successful data breaches. Much of that social engineering is delivered to businesses through malicious email messages, making it critical that employees make good choices when handling phishing messages. But they often don’t.  

  • 1 in 3 employees is likely to click the links in phishing emails.   
  • 1 in 8 employees is likely to share information requested in a phishing email. 
  • 45% of employees click emails they consider to be suspicious “just in case it’s important.” 

Plus, today’s email-borne security threats are much more sophisticated than yesterday’s email threats, rife with brand impersonation, executive impersonation, whaling and other attempts to use social engineering on employees. The bad guys are ramping up their social engineering efforts because it works –  97% of employees are unable to spot a sophisticated phishing email.  

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Get The Best Protection Available Today

Traditional solutions like a SEG or onboard security in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace can’t stand up to today’s sophisticated phishing threats, opening you up to risk. AI-enabled email security solutions are significantly better at spotting and stopping sophisticated phishing messages than competing conventional solutions or an old-fashioned secure email gateway (SEGs). How much better? 40% better. That’s 40% less of a chance of your organization suffering a phishing-related cyberattack while you’re fishing for trout.

There’s a reason why 9 out 10 verified phishing scams are discovered in an environment using a SEG. The architecture of a SEG today is fundamentally the same as it has been for years, and it’s still dependent on the authoritarian, perimeter-based security model of the pre-cloud world. It’s just not the right fit in the cloud.  API security is truly cloud-native, giving it the advantage in integrating seamlessly and maximizing its effectiveness with other cloud applications. 

API email security just brings more to the table than standard built-in email security or a SEG. 

Cloud-native architecture
Doesn’t slow down communications 
Quick Detection of new & zero-day threats
Highly accurate in spotting sophisticated phishing messages 
Fast deployment and integration
Minimal maintenance  
Automation options
AI capability

Source: Graphus, The State of Email Security

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Smart Email Security Can Get the Job Done Without You

AI is smart. An estimated 60% of employees in an average company are vulnerable to being fooled by a phishing message, but AI isn’t. It also doesn’t need to be trained or fed traditional threat intelligence to spot new threats because it never stops learning as it evolves with your business. But a SEGs requires so much tinkering. To use a SEG, email must be routed through a perimeter. Making that work effectively requires constant adjustments from already overworked IT teams like frequent DNS changes and MX record maintenance by administrators. API email security has more automation capability and less maintenance. SEGs are clunky in a cloud-based world. 

3 Reasons Why Standard Security or a SEG Won’t Help You Sleep Better at Night 

  1. Only 17% of email solutions and SEGs were able to detect previously unknown malware    
  1. Just 34% of standard security tools can spot unknown credential phishing links    
  1. 80% of phishing sites linked in suspicious messages use SSL to bypass threat lists 

AI-powered security never stops learning, protecting companies from phishing threats fast with minimal maintenance or supervision. A cloud-native solution that’s truly AI-enabled can make sensible judgments about the provenance and safety of email messages without frequent human intervention.  Who wants to be reviewing quarantined messages while they’re away because their email security solution can’t make accurate choices about what’s good and what’s not? AI ensures that a solution learns from each analysis and user interaction. This enables the algorithm to become more precise and more attuned to each organization’s needs, providing protection that just keeps getting better over time. Speaking of time,  cloud-based email has an average 99.9% uptime.    

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The Benefits of the Cloud Can’t Be Beat 

Smart solutions also make smart decisions about when to escalate a problem and they can typically handle routine processes on their own, minimizing the number of alerts that are generated when messages are adjudicated. False positives are timewasters and the bane of IT teams. Respondents in a survey about alert fatigue said that 25% to 75% of the alerts they investigate on a daily basis are false positives, with 15% reporting that more than half of their security alerts are false positives. AI should make an automated solution smart enough to avoid flagging false positives. At the same time, AI can allow security solutions to make strong strategic choices like removing a suspicious message from all employee inboxes temporarily or noting when an employee designates a message safe and using that data make future choices.   

Plus, security automation brings a host of other security benefits to the table. 

  • Get a major overall security boost. Security automation is the number one way to reduce a company’s attack surface. 
  • Gain a head start in stopping a cyberattack. Companies investing in automation have a four-fold advantage in stopping a targeted cyberattack. 
  • Reduce stress on the security staff. An estimated 76 % of IT executives in a cybersecurity survey said that automation and AI maximized the efficiency of security staff. 

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Relax – Graphus Has Got You Covered!

Put Graphus to work for you and stop worrying about email security. Employees can’t click a phishing email that they don’t receive, and you can feel confident that your smart, automated guardian will stop malicious messages effectively. Plus, automated email protection from Graphus fits every budget. 

  • Instead of just comparing an incoming message’s sender or subject line to a generic threat list, AI-powered Graphus reads it using 50 unique factors to detect sophisticated threats.  
  • Plus, if a suspicious email is reported by anyone, it’s instantly removed from everyone’s inbox and quarantined for administrator review, reducing the chance of expensive mistakes. 
  • Graphus takes immediately starts mitigating attacks and stopping sophisticated phishing messages without manual intervention like threat data uploads from IT techs.   
  • Quickly deployable to Office 365 and G Suite via API, typically in less than 30 minutes. No big downloads. No lengthy installs. No time-consuming configurations.   
  • Get insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. Beautifully visualized security data.   

Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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