5 Unexpected Ways That Security Automation Saves You Money

April 02, 2021

Security Automation Has More Benefits Than You May Be Expecting

When considering whether security automation is right for your business, you will find plenty of resources to tell you about the benefits of automated, AI-powered technology for defensive strength, protection from human error and reliability. But there’s another often-overlooked way that choosing an automated security solution helps your business succeed too – by saving you money in all sorts of ways. Take a look at five unexpected reasons why you’ll love the added value that security automation brings to the table.  

Reduced Payroll 

IT teams are perennially overworked and understaffed. In a recent survey, 72% of IT executives said that their organizations were struggling to find and hire the IT personnel that they need for both backfill and future positions. The IT skills shortage doesn’t just make it hard to hire the right people, it also means that you’re paying top dollar for talent. LEARN HOW SECURITY AUTOMATION SAVES PAYROLL>> 

But AI provides a viable solution that you may have overlooked. 46% of respondents in the same survey noted that AI offered a partial solution by enabling IT leaders to automate more low-skill workloads and reallocate people resources to higher-profile projects. By adding security automation, your organization can add to your security team without adding to your payroll.   

Faster Incident Response

When your business is under siege by cybercriminals, every second counts to stop an incident from becoming a costly disaster. If one of your staffers opens a phishing message that unleashes ransomware, there’s no time to lose in beginning mitigation. That’s where automation tags in as a clutch player. Using AI and security automation enables organizations to respond to breaches much more quickly —  nearly 30% faster than companies without security automation, reducing the mean time of breach mitigation by up to 70%. SEE HOW GRAPHUS IS AN AN EMAIL SECURITY SUPERSTAR>>

You’ll also gain benefits that make surviving a cyberattack and restoring your business to normalcy much less troublesome too. If the worst does happen, like an employee clicking on an unsafe link, you’ll save up to 50% of recovery costs for a cybersecurity incident with automated security. 

Improved Help Desk Efficiency 

How overloaded is your help desk? Every time someone had a question about the legitimacy of an email, you’ve got a new trouble ticket. Plus, the constant barrage of low-skill trouble tickets that help desks receive is a huge time sink that reduces efficiency and lengthens wait times. It also burns out your IT staffers dealing with the same problems every day, reducing the chance that they’re keeping their skills agile or learning new ones. 

Automation also cuts back on tickets by improving your rate of false positives. When combined with standard security from most business applications, false positives can be completely eliminated. Security automation handles most basic trouble tickets without a staffer lifting a finger, reducing your helpdesk’s caseload by up to 80%.  Altogether in benefits to your IT staff’s efficiency, automation can save more than 80% of the cost of manual security. IS YOUR EMAIL SECURITY SOLUTION UP TO THE TEST?>> 

Better Use of Resources 

Routine maintenance sucks up a huge quantity of resources that could be put to better use. Every time a new threat emerges or a new vulnerability is discovered, a person has to deal with making sure that your current solutions are prepared. Constantly updating, patching and adding traditional threat intelligence to your SEG or other traditional security is also a waste of talent. These chores bog your highly skilled staffers down in a mire of minutiae. 

But AI and automation can come to your rescue here. Security automation frees up dynamic human talent to do the work that requires judgment, planning and other inimitable skills. That’s another reason why 76of the IT executives polled in a recent survey found that security automation had big benefits for their IT team by maximizing the efficiency of security staff, increasing morale and decreasing turnover. LOOK AT HOW GRAPHUS BEATS SEGs>> 

Greener Operations 

That’s probably one that you didn’t see coming. AI can empower your business to overcome many hazards and help save the planet by reducing strain on hardware and only running processes when necessary. Smart automation can make choices that enable it to use resources selectively fast, without needing to keep monitoring programs running in the background. It also reduces wear and tear on equipment by automatically optimizing usage and alerting you to trouble quickly if something malfunctions. 

AI-powered security automation saves energy through optimization and on-call readiness too. Google reported a 40% reduction in cooling costs and a 15% reduction in power consumption after implementing AI technology within several data centers. EXPLORE THE POWER OF 3 SHIELDS AGAINST PHISHING>> 

 The Bottom Line

These aren’t the only benefits that your business sees from choosing to upgrade your security with a smart solution like Graphus, just the ones that you may not have anticipated You’ll gain a host of cyber resilience, security and readiness benefits across the board. In fact, 42% of the most cyber-resilient companies in a recent study cited security automation as a major factor in their success at improving their cybersecurity posture. Shouldn’t you join them? Schedule a demo of Graphus today.