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Watch for These Business Email Compromise Scams (or We Can Do It for You)

May 14, 2021
Top view.Hooded Hacker Breaks into Government Data. Professional shot in 4K resolution. 020. You can use it e.g. in your commercial video, medical, business, presentation, broadcast

The world is in the midst of a cybercrime boom – overall, about 80% of firms experienced an increase in cyberattacks in 2020. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) IC3 Internet Crime Report that released just a short time ago gave some sense of the scale of the problem. The star of the show is the record 69% increase in reported […]

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3 Unexpected Phishing Scams Graphus Defends Against

January 07, 2021

See How Graphus Protects Your Business From Unexpected Phishing Scams Phishing is today’s biggest cybersecurity threat. From SMS and messaging threats to high-quality email campaigns targeting executives, no company is immune to it – just ask Twitter. That’s why adding automated phishing protection from Graphus is such a smart idea. The 3 layers of defense […]

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Communicate with confidence knowing that your inboxes are safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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