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Social Engineering Likely Cause of Yahoo! Hack

January 21, 2020

The FBI believes that the massive Yahoo! breach started with either a social engineering or spear phishing attack on privileged users according to Ars Technica. “Malcom Palmore, the FBI special agent in charge of the bureau’s Silicon Valley office, told Ars in an interview that the initial breach that led to the exposure of a […]

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How to Lose Your Employee W-2 Docs to Spear Phishing and How to Stop It


It’s tax season. That means cyber attacks are in high gear. A trend that started last year and has increased in frequency involves attacks focused on stealing employee W-2 information. The hackers then go on and submit false tax returns, open home equity lines of credit and commit other fraud. No business owner wants to […]

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New Report on Spear Phishing and Social Engineering Risks and Best Practices


People are your weakest link. That is what the data tell us about cybersecurity risk today. Every day there are more great tools to protect your network, endpoints and applications. Still others expose threat intelligence, more accurately report intrusion attempts and even identify nefarious behavior by insiders. Cyber criminals know this and are fueling the […]

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The Difference Between Phishing, Spear Phishing and Social Engineering


There are many differences between phishing, spear phishing and social engineering attacks, but they are often used interchangeably and incorrectly. That creates some confusion when people are describing attacks and planning for defense. Understanding these attack types is important. Download: Spear Phishing White Paper In our review of the 5 Agonies of Cyber Attacks, we […]

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DCInno Profiles Graphus, “The Cybersecurity Startup Out to Simplify Security Solutions”


In a recent DCInno article featuring Graphus, staff writer Samantha Sabin spoke with CEO and co-founder Manoj Srivastava on how the company has created a new email security solution to protect against phishing schemes. Most solutions rely on employee training, but Graphus automatically detects suspicious emails before they can even reach an employee’s inbox. “The plug-in for G-Suite […]

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3 Lessons From the Facebook and Google Loss of $100M to a Spear Phishing Attack


BBC reported recently that Facebook and Google separately wired over $100 million to a single hacker in Lithuania. While these are global corporate giants, there are lessons for everyone about cybersecurity in 2017. A lone hacker can cause a big financial loss No matter how sophisticated your cybersecurity defense, you are at risk Spear phishing […]

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Verizon Says Phishing Still Drives 90% of Cybersecurity Breaches


Verizon’s analysis of 1600 cybersecurity incidents and 800 breaches found that phishing was involved in 90% of successful attacks. Despite years of phishing awareness training, employees are still getting fooled. Verizon even included a section in this year’s Data Breaches Investigations Report (DBIR) called, “Attack the Humans.” Why? Humans are your weakest link. You can […]

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Graphus and ISG Partner on Spear Phishing and Ransomware Prevention Tool


Today Graphus is pleased to announce a new channel partnership with the Intelligence Systems Group (ISG). ISG is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides cyber security software and services to the Intelligence Community. The company will initially offer the Graphus solution to its corporate and governmental client’s using G-Suite by Google to detect, […]

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New Report on Ransomware: Goldeneye Attack Traces Back to Spear Phishing


While there is debate about how the WannaCry ransomware attack in May was spread, it seems fairly clear that yesterday’s Goldeneye attack was delivered via spear phishing. Reuters reported: An adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister said earlier in the day that the virus got into computer systems via “phishing” emails written in Russian and Ukrainian […]

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