Cybersecurity resolutions for businesses in 2021

January 21, 2021
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When it comes to IT budgeting, cybersecurity is often seen as something that holds growing businesses back. Unlike R&D or marketing departments, IT’s security division does not directly contribute to the creation of most companies’ goods and services.

However, unlike a fire hydrant that gathers dust until a fire breaks out, cybersecurity is a component that actively protects organizations from cyberthreats day in and day out. Ransomware alone is expected to attack at a rate of one business every 11 seconds by the end of this year, so cyber defenses are absolutely necessary for survival and sustained growth.

To better prepare your business for the challenges of 2021, here are a few cybersecurity resolutions you must make.

Review your IT stack and update your cybersecurity accordingly

That is, make an inventory of everything you’re using IT-wise. With this, you can check the software and hardware that need updating. Additionally, legacy IT components may already have become too expensive to support and secure. For instance, if you still have machines that run Windows 7, you’ll need to get extended security updates (ESUs) for them. These cost USD25 last year, but that amount will double this year, then again the year after.

Instead of burning money on machines that have long been obsolete anyway, you’ll be better off using new machines that have the latest operating system.

Beyond upgrading legacy components, you’ll also want to make sure your cyber defenses can accommodate significant shifts in operations, if any. To illustrate, many organizations permitted their staff to work remotely to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This meant that IT had to shift resources to the cloud and/or grant staff remote access to the on-premises (on-prem) network.

While these reduced spending on on-prem monitoring, maintenance, and support, these shifts also required businesses to invest in the corresponding cybersecurity measures, such as zero trust network access and AI-powered cloud email security.

In short, you’ll need to identify the gaps in your cyber defenses, cut needless expenses, and invest in proper cybersecurity.

Turn to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security solutions

If you’ve shifted much of your operations to the cloud, it means that most of what you’d want to protect would be there, too. Therefore, it makes sense to commensurately reduce spending on on-prem security (such as on hardware purchases, operational costs, maintenance costs, and software costs, among others) and subscribe to cloud security solutions instead.

Having a service provider with top-notch cybersecurity resources take the load off your shoulders ought to help you focus on your business. Additionally, their stable of experts will help you integrate their solution into your IT stack at a faster pace compared to when implementing a traditional on-prem solution.

Prioritize privacy

People often think that data security and data privacy refer to the same thing, but they actually don’t. To secure data is to ensure that only authorized users can access and use it. On the other hand, to maintain data privacy is to ensure that data is only used in the manner that was agreed upon by the data’s stakeholders.

For example, when people submit their email addresses to subscribe to weekly newsletters, they don’t want to be inundated with spam emails every day. Or when health providers gather the health information of their patients, the patients expect that such info will be used exclusively for their care. If such info is needed for population statistical analyses or research into the development of new treatments, the info needs to be anonymized first.

While data security does not completely ensure data privacy, making data exclusive to authorized users does prevent unauthorized parties from misusing that data.

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