DCInno Profiles Graphus, “The Cybersecurity Startup Out to Simplify Security Solutions”

January 21, 2020

In a recent DCInno article featuring Graphus, staff writer Samantha Sabin spoke with CEO and co-founder Manoj Srivastava on how the company has created a new email security solution to protect against phishing schemes. Most solutions rely on employee training, but Graphus automatically detects suspicious emails before they can even reach an employee’s inbox.

“The plug-in for G-Suite users brings in automation to detect potential phishing schemes through what Srivastava calls the Trust Graph. Think of the Trust Graph like Google’s search engine. They have what Srivastava would call a Knowledge Graph, outlining which stories are the best fit for a user’s inquiry. The Trust Graph works in the same way, detecting the language and habits of the people you chat with to ensure authenticity,” details Sabin.

The article also discusses the affordability of the solution and Srivastava’s extensive background in the security field. To read the full profile, click here or on the image below.