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May 27, 2021

How high is your company’s risk for experiencing phishing-related cyberattack? Phishing is the root of most of today’s nastiest cyberattacks like business email compromise, credential theft and ransomware. Determining your company’s danger level is a great way to know where you need to start when it comes to protecting your business from this devastating threat. After you determine your starting point, we have abundant resources to help you understand how phishing can impact your business. Free downloadables like our infographics will give you a clear picture of the features and benefits of Graphus and why it’s the best in its class. Then we’ll help you get your business protected from phishing threats fast at a price you’ll love. Let’s get started!

1. Uncover Your Risk

Email security can be complicated and it can be difficult to determine your real risk. Your overall security risk from a phishing attack is dependent on many factors. Plus, it’s not only impacted by the security of your email domain. Email security troubles at other businesses that you interact with can also bring you risk. How is the email security of your suppliers, partners, customers, and anyone else sending you emails? Our patented AI technology protects against sophisticated spoofing attacks targeting not only your email domain but also other domains sending emails to your organization, adding a strong layer of protection between your business and phishing-related cybercrime.

Our domain checker can measure your email safety and give you an idea of what your risk looks like now.


2. Discover Your Security Options

Now that you’ve found your real risk and established a starting point for making security improvements, it’s time for you to learn more about your options and do some comparison shopping to see what’s right for your business. We think it will quickly become apparent that affordable, automated phishing protection from Graphus is a smart move for every business, including yours.

Ebooks That Take a Deep Dive Into Email Security Features & Benefits

Shields Up! Go inside our technology with a bird’s eye view into the nuts and bolts of our technology. We’ll show you exactly how our three layers of security combined with our patented algorithm and sophisticated AI will immediately improve your email security at a great price. DOWNLOAD IT>>

Automated Email Security Makes Cents Take a look at the dollars and cents end of the equation with an in-depth analysis of the value of your investment in Graphus. Our cost-benefit proposition is unmatched. See how this powerful guardian pays you back now and in the future. DOWNLOAD IT>>

Superstar Security Automation technology has revolutionized email security at a price every business can afford. See the five major benefits that your company gets when you choose to add automated phishing protection to your cybersecurity plan and why Graphus beats the competition every time. DOWNLOAD IT>>

Infographics That Tell The Story of Email Security

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3. How To Improve Your Email Security Right Now

Now that you’ve gotten a clear picture of the email security threats that your business faces and your options for mitigating those threats, are you ready to give your organization a powerful defense. Graphus stops 40% more dangerous email threats than the competition providing you with effective, cost-effective protection that you can feel confident about.

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Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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