Graphus Joins Google Cloud Technology Partner Program

January 21, 2020
Graphus is a simple, powerful, and automated solution to detect and remove email scams, phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks

We are pleased to announce that Graphus has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program. Graphus provides immediate protection and peace of mind for cloud application users by automatically eliminating social engineering – phishing, email scams, and malware attacks. We are able to do this by leveraging our patented AI technology to establish a TrustGraph™ between people, devices, and networks to reveal untrusted communications and detect and eliminate threats. 

Graphus’ integration with Google enables our customers to be alerted of suspicious emails, provide a warning to the recipients, delete threats with a single click, and auto-quarantine malicious messages, among many other things. This integration is one of the reasons why organizations choose Graphus. Adam Karveller, the Vice President of Information Technology with Newk’s Eatery said, “The tight integration with our chosen mail and collaboration platform – G Suite for Business – was the major driving factor in choosing Graphus.”

G Suite users are able to activate Graphus in less than a minute for immediate protection. Karveller also stated that the activation process was “quick, painless, and easy.”

Graphus went through Google’s rigorous evaluation process before joining the partner program. Being approved and joining their Cloud Technology Partner Program means Google believes Graphus provides value to the Google ecosystem and their users. This is a huge accomplishment for Graphus and we are very proud to be a part of this program.

“It is a mutually beneficial relationship”, says Vishal Dixit, the co-founder & CTO of Graphus. He continues, “G Suite users are able to use our patented AI technology to protect their organization from sophisticated cyber attacks and Graphus is able to collaborate with Google to continue to grow our business.”

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