Graphus outperforms Microsoft ATP for a large global enterprise

January 21, 2020

Graphus®  is used by organizations of all sizes and various industries. Many of our customers that use Microsoft Office 365 also have implemented Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with the goal of protecting their organization from sophisticated cyber attacks. Unfortunately for many of these organizations, attacks are still making it past ATP, and other tools they have in place, and reaching their employees.

Graphus was recently approached by a large, global organization who was using Office 365 and ATP.  They were inundated with phishing, spoofing, scam, and malicious attacks that were consistently reaching their employees. They knew something had to change, and quickly.

In our latest case study we talk about the problem they were dealing with, why many organizations are facing similar problems, and how leveraging our proprietary and patented AI technology, the TrustGraph®, along with our interactive warning banners, EmployeeShield™, Graphus® was able to step up and protect this organization from these highly targeted cyber attacks.

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