Introducing Done-4-U 2.0 & the August Powered Services Pro Campaign for MSPs

August 05, 2022

Are you ready to juice up your sales and send your revenue soaring? We’re here to help with two awesome new offerings from Powered Services Pro. The best sales enablement program in the business is serving up a fresh Pro Campaign centered around incident response for August. Plus, the advent of Done-4-U 2.0 offers a whole new world of easy, effective social media marketing that you’ll love. Here’s a look at the new stuff. If your MSP is not already enrolled in Powered Services Pro, you’re missing out. It’s easy to get started, just talk to your Channel Enablement Manager or email the Powered Services Pro team

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Powered Services Pro’s Done-4-U 2.0 

Powered Services Pro’s Done-4-U 2.0, which includes full access to a social media scheduling and marketing platform with all the functionality you’ve been asking for. The platform will allow you to create and schedule your own content while also taking advantage of our monthly Done-4-U posts, but it won’t cost you anything extra. You can do away with tools like Hootsuite, Loomly, Buffer, etc., to save roughly $40 – $70 each month!  

What’s New in Done-4-U 2.0:  

Create a User Account for Increased Visibility & Tracking  

Set up your own user account to view your schedule of Done-4-U posts and monitor your engagement analytics.  

Easily Connect Your Social Media Profiles  

With a streamlined, straightforward setup process, it takes just a few minutes to connect your company’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  

 Reorder Your Done-4-U Posts & Customize the Messaging  

With simple drag-and-drop functionality, reorder your Done-4-U posts to align with your overall marketing calendar. Easily customize the posts by editing the copy and adding your targeted hashtags and URLs to drive traffic to your blog posts, landing pages, and website.  

Create & Publish Customized Content  

From branded content pulled from the Powered Services Pro portal to your own graphics and videos, the user-friendly scheduler simplifies the publishing process while providing the flexibility to showcase your unique brand and messaging.  

Enrollment in our enhanced Done-4-U 2.0 is available to you as part of your Powered Services Pro subscription at no additional charge. If you are currently enrolled in our Done-4-U social media program, our team will reach out within the next several days with additional information and setup instructions to support your transition to the new 2.0 platform in time for the August schedule of posts. Contact your Channel Enablement Manager for more details!

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The August Powered Services Pro Campaign Features Incident Response 

Ready for a fresh sales boost by promoting a hot topic? The new August Pro Campaign is now live in the Powered Services Pro Portal and focuses on Incident Response!  

The August Pro Campaign explains the need for a proactive strategy around cybersecurity incident response. This campaign provides you with all-new content including checklists, infographics, blog posts, email templates, monthly newsletter templates, social graphics and videos. Use these assets to promote the importance of a cybersecurity incident response plan to make sure your clients are ready to face any ‘turbulence’ from a cyber incident. Check out the new campaign materials by clicking the button below!  

 Check Out the New Campaign!  

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Why Should Your Customers Care About Incident Response? 

An incident response plan doesn’t just protect a business during an incident, it also empowers that business to thrive now, come out of an incident with more cash and prevent another incident in the future.  

Reduction of Risk  

Making, testing and maintaining an incident response plan will reduce your company’s chance of experiencing a damaging cybersecurity incident. How much of a difference can it make? An enormous difference. IBM researchers announced that 39% of organizations with a formal, tested incident response plan experienced an incident, compared to 62% of those who didn’t have a plan.  

Quickly Find Unnecessary Security Expenditures  

Regularly reviewing security tools and possible cyberattack scenarios when creating an incident response plan can be beneficial for budgeting. Experts estimate that many enterprises maintain 19 different security tools, with only 22% of such tools serving as vital to primary security objectives. Almost half of the security tools that are available to IT teams are just clutter. Only about 47% of existing IT security tools are actually used daily.    

Better Security Awareness  

Companies that are prepared for trouble often find out that they experience less of it because when everyone is on the same page for safety and security, employees are much more likely to notice problems before they grow into disasters. Negligent employees create over 60% of security incidents

Stronger Compliance Programs    

Most compliance requirements include a requirement to perform security assessments. That dovetails nicely with the assessments that companies perform when making or reviewing incident response plans. Companies with incident response plans also have a better eye on compliance and data handling practices which enables them to spot and fix vulnerabilities efficiently.  

Increased Chance of Survival  

Many businesses are not prepared for the high cost of falling victim to a cyberattack. If you haven’t planned how your business will handle a cyberattack, you may not have a solid grasp of the costs involved in a response. An incident investigation alone can cost $15,000 or more.  But having a tested incident response plan can save 35% of the cost of an incident.  

Improved Cyber Resilience  

Building your company’s cyber resilience is a key component of mounting a successful incident response. Cyber resilient companies can quickly make moves that enable them to isolate intrusions, minimize damage and keep functioning in any conditions. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 companies isn’t taking advantage of this simple method for boosting their cyber resilience. 

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Offer Your Clients Smarter Email Security with Graphus 

Stop phishing immediately with Graphus – the most simple, automated and affordable phishing defense available today.   

Graphus layers security for more protection with three powerful shields.    

  • TrustGraph uses more than 50 separate data points to analyze incoming messages completely before allowing them to pass into employee inboxes. TrustGraph also learns from each analysis it completes, adding that information to its knowledge base to continually refine your protection and keep learning without human intervention.     
  • EmployeeShield adds a bright, noticeable box to messages that could be dangerous, notifying staffers of unexpected communications that may be undesirable and empowering staffers to report that message with one click for administrator inspection.       
  • Phish911 enables employees to instantly report any suspicious message that they receive. When an employee reports a problem, the email in question isn’t just removed from that employee’s inbox — it is removed from everyone’s inbox and automatically quarantined for administrator review.    

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