Nearly Half of Phishing Emails Escape Traditional Filters

February 12, 2021

Traditional spam and security filters or Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) are no match for today’s sophisticated phishing attacks. Every dangerous phishing message they fail to stop is another chance for one of your employees to make that one fatal click that unleashes a cyberattack disaster on your business. How are cybercriminals slipping through?

Researchers that have been exploring the newest innovations in phishing tactics made an interesting discovery: 47 percent of phishing messages that companies receive are not caught by their traditional email protection solutions — especially spear phishing emails. Cybercriminals have changed tactics in attacks to create emails that don’t set off security flags. With email as today’s top form of communication for a remote workforce that isn’t always cautious about clicking links or opening messages, that can spell disaster for businesses.

Cybercriminals Are Innovators, Too

One of the ways that they’re getting around those security measures is to change the nature of what they’re using as bait and delivering as a weapon. The annual Verizon Data Breach and Incident Response (DBIR) report shined a spotlight on the fact that 70 percent of phishing attacks now lack a malicious payload, such as a link or attachment that could set off security or arouse user suspicion.

Old-school email security tools aren’t equipped to deal with today’s phishing threats for another crucial reason — they can’t read and judge the language of incoming messages. That’s how more than 40 percent of the messages sent in a recent phishing penetration test bypassed email security. The vast majority of phishing attack attempts rely on social engineering messages aimed at prompting an action instead of just getting users to open them. Learn more about the benefits of security automation>>

Graphus is Smart Enough to Outwit Them

New-style phishing may outwit average SEGs or standard spam and phishing filters, but they won’t outwit Graphus. Unlike those security tools, Graphus learns the unique communication patterns of your business to detect potential phishing attempts and quarantine them immediately instead of just comparing incoming messages to a checklist of possible trouble signs — with no delay in sending and receiving messages. Graphus is also smart enough to make judgments, adding warning banners to emails that your employees may want to approach with caution. 

Plus, Graphus is always operating with the latest intelligence about your company’s specific threats without your IT staff lifting a finger. SEGs require traditional threat intelligence to be added or imported from other security tools. Graphus doesn’t. The patented AI never stops learning, and it stops more Zero-Day and Zero-Patient attacks because it’s capable of spotting new attack vectors on its own without fussy updating.

Contact our solutions experts today to set up a demo and you’ll see why you need to get Graphus, smart modern protection for a modern problem. Put a strong defense between your employee inboxes and phishing email with three powerful layers of, simple, automated, affordable security that just works