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Graphus isn’t your grandpappy’s security solution

January 21, 2020

Attackers are taking advantage of our hurried up, multi-tasking, “I needed that yesterday!” way of life. Today, like many days, Graphus® detected a sophisticated, targeted phishing campaign against one of our clients. The attacker sent these phishing attacks first thing in the morning when people are just opening up their inboxes and are inundated with the […]

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Graphus strongly aligned with Gartner’s New Fighting Phishing Report


In a recently published report from Gartner, titled Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight, the authors, Peter Firstbrook and Neil Wynne, detail the challenges organizations face and also the required solutions needed to fight phishing and social engineering attacks. The authors discuss how the more recent influx of phishing attacks have caught many anti-spam and secure […]

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One third of phishing attacks target financial services


According to Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and Phishing Q2 2018 report, over one third (35.7%) of all phishing attacks targeted financial services organizations – and the Fortune 500 aren’t the only targets. As we’ve written about before, small to medium sized financial service organizations are hit the hardest. The FBI recently shared a private alert with […]

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Manufacturers are bombarded with phishing attacks

The manufacturing industry has invested heavily in cybersecurity the last few years, however, manufacturers still seem to be unsure how well they are protected, according to Deloitte’s Center for Industry Insights. This is likely due to the fact that manufacturers are hit hard with cyber attacks on a daily basis and in many cases don’t […]

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3 reasons why manufacturers are vulnerable to cyber attacks


As we previously discussed, attacks against manufacturers are on the rise and not showing any signs of slowing down. The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that social engineering attacks are the preferred method for these cybercriminals as 93% of all reported security breaches are a result from some form of phishing. So why […]

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Graphus detects sophisticated SharePoint phishing attacks


Recently, Graphus has detected several Microsoft SharePoint attacks for our customers. These are newer attack types that are extremely well crafted and difficult to detect. What this looks like for the recipient is the following. The recipient receives an email with a link to a SharePoint document. The attacks  we’ve detected for our customers have […]

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Graphus in Dreamit SecureTech’s Fall 2018 cohort of startups

We are excited to announce that Graphus is a part of Dreamit SecureTech’s Fall 2018 cohort. This is Dreamit SecureTech’s inaugural program which is being led by cybersecurity veteran, Bob Stasio, Managing Director of Dreamit SecureTech. Dreamit SecureTech, which is a fund and accelerator that is focused on startups with revenue and are ready to […]

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Successful White House Spear Phishing Attacks Show No One is Safe


No one is safe from spear phishing attacks. Not even the highest-ranking government officials. CNN reported recently that a self-described email prankster successfully spear phished several members of the White House staff and First Family posing as the President’s son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner. One victim was Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert: “Tom, we are […]

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3 ways Graphus can automate your cyber defense

Our mission here at Graphus, is to make simple, powerful, and automated cloud security accessible to any size business, anywhere in the world. Robust, enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection shouldn’t be difficult to implement or use or only be available to large enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises should have access to the same protection as enterprise organizations. […]

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