Protecting employees from cyber attacks while reducing IT workload

January 21, 2020

In a previous post, we talked about ways Graphus can help automate your cybersecurity defense. In our recent product release, we took this a step further. We have introduced a warning banner for our customers. Now for any spoofing, scam, phishing, wire fraud, or other business email compromise threats, we include a warning banner in the email warning the recipient(s) that the email is suspicious.


The warning banner includes the reason why the message has been flagged and the recipient(s) can take action. They can either select “Delete forever” or “View message”. This provides a feedback loop, within Graphus, for the IT and security teams letting them know the recipient has taken action on the suspicious message. This also reduces the amount of work required by the IT or cyber team(s) while providing the recipient with a notice to be careful with the message.

With 91% of cybersecurity attacks starting with a spear phishing email, it’s critical for organizations to be able to alert their employees when a potential threat is sent to their inbox. While cyber technologies and training are improving, so are attackers. New types of extremely sophisticated attacks are being sent to employees making it difficult for them to determine whether or not it’s a real threat. With our warning banner, it helps eliminate the guesswork for your employees.