Should You Invest in Managed Detection and Response?

January 18, 2023
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When it comes to cybersecurity, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are constantly fighting an uphill battle — and the attackers always seem to have the advantage. While cybercriminals only need to successfully exploit one threat vector to land a hit, businesses have to detect and stop threats across a constantly expanding list of vectors, including email, endpoints, networks and the cloud. Having the right tools to detect and vanquish threats is vital for businesses to keep attacks at bay. 

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What is a Managed SOC? 

A SOC, or Security Operations Center, also known as a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, is a command center made up of highly skilled security personnel, processes and cybersecurity technologies that continuously monitors for malicious activity while preventing, detecting and responding to cyber incidents. Considering the constantly growing risk of cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes, even the smallest organizations need to have continuous, 24/7 monitoring and response service available to them to stay out of trouble.  

But most small business IT departments are stretched thin. That makes it hard for them to tackle all of their responsibilities and be constantly on guard against security threats.  In those cases, outsourcing a SOC is beneficial. However, not every managed SOC is the same, and they won’t all align with the needs of your business. Since there are many things to inquire about and factors to consider when choosing a Managed SOC service, it’s important to understand why businesses need a SOC at all before diving into the reasons why a managed SOC is the ideal choice for most businesses.  

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Today’s threat landscape is filled with danger 

The threat landscape businesses face today is rapidly evolving and more dangerous than ever before. Cybercriminals have become adept at mounting stealthy and sophisticated attacks that tax IT teams at companies of every size. However, SMBs are particularly ripe targets for their schemes for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • A lack of enterprise cybersecurity solutions in place. One in three small businesses with 50 or fewer employees rely on free or consumer-grade cybersecurity tools for their entire cyber defense. 
  • The belief they won’t be targeted because they are too small. However, 55% of ransomware attacks now involve companies with fewer than 100 employees. 
  • A low level of investment in basic protective tools like firewalls or email security. In fact, one in five companies do not use any endpoint security whatsoever. 

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A cyberattack is an existential threat to any business 

Many SMBs are undergoing digital transformation while struggling to hire the cybersecurity personnel they need to maintain security. At the same time, a challenging economy means everyone is working a little bit harder these days, including the bad guys. This unfortunate combination of factors creates a perfect storm of danger for SMBs, bringing potentially devastating results in its wake. 

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What does MDR secure? 

With Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or a managed SOC, SMBs can turn cybersecurity management over to hired security experts. This provides businesses with access to an invaluable store of knowledge and expertise without adding headcount costs and managerial overhead. The primary function of a Managed SOC is to rapidly analyze, detect and respond to cyber threats that bypass traditional cybersecurity tools.  

Comprehensive MDR will cover: 

Endpoint security: Protect your endpoints with Windows and macOS event log monitoring, advanced breach detection, malicious files and processes, threat hunting, intrusion detection and third-party, next-gen AV integrations — at a minimum. 

Network security: Gain new levels of network protection with firewall and edge device log monitoring integrated with real-time threat reputation, DNS information and malicious connection alerts. 

Cloud security: Secure the cloud with Microsoft 365 security event log monitoring, Azure AD monitoring, Microsoft 365 malicious logins and overall Secure Score. 

In MDR, analysis is done by collecting information from a variety of sources including endpoints, cloud services and firewall logs. From this telemetry, trained SOC analysts can: 

  • Investigate suspicious activities 
  • Proactively hunt for hidden latent threats  
  • Respond to and remediate early-stage threats 
  • Spot and stop cyberattacks 
  • Take care of problems immediately before they become disasters  

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Powerful email security and managed SOC help businesses stay safe from cyberattacks. 

Making proactive security moves like putting strong email security in place and investing in managed SOC makes it easier for businesses to avoid expensive, damaging cybersecurity disasters. Kaseya can help. 

Managed SOC 

Stop advanced threats with Kaseya’s Managed SOC — a world-class MDR solution that offers an innovative, affordable and effective way to power up your security. By partnering with us, you can gain access to an elite team of cybersecurity veterans that will help you hunt for threats and triage them. They will be available 24/7/365 to dive in immediately and work with your team when actionable threats are discovered.  

Kaseya’s Managed SOC includes:  

  • Continuous monitoring: Round-the-clock protection with real-time advanced threat detection.  
  • Advanced security stack: A 100% purpose-built platform backed by decades of experience, optimized for managed service providers and their customers.  
  • Breach detection: Thwart sophisticated and advanced threats that bypass traditional AV and perimeter security solutions.  
  • Threat hunting: Focus on other pressing matters while an elite cybersecurity team proactively hunts for malicious activities. 
  • No hardware requirements: Patent-pending, cloud-based technology eliminates the need for costly and complex on-premises hardware 

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Email Security 

Graphus is the world’s first AI-driven email security solution that automatically protects organizations from email-based cyberattacks. The patented AI technology of Graphus creates a wall between organizations and cyberattacks, mitigating phishing attacks before it reaches their systems. It automatically monitors communication patterns between people, devices, and networks to reveal untrustworthy emails, making it a simple, powerful, and cost-effective automated phishing defense solution for companies of all sizes. 

  • Graphus blocks sophisticated phishing messages from reaching employees  
  • Puts 3 layers of protection between employees and dangerous email messages.  
  • Seamlessly deploys to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API without big downloads or lengthy installs.  
  • Provides intuitive reporting to help you gain insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. 
  • Future-ready and cloud-native 

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