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What is That? Our Phishing Terminology Glossary Demystifies Industry Jargon

May 07, 2021

When you’re considering the best way to secure your systems and data against phishing, it helps to know what you’re up against. There is a lot of specialized phishing terminology, and you’ll need to learn it to make sure that you’re protecting your business from today’s biggest threat – 90% of incidents that end in […]

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How the Dun & Bradstreet Hack Increases Small Business Spear Phishing Risk

May 02, 2017
Data Breach

Dun & Bradstreet was hacked. So what? Lots of businesses are hacked. Why should I care about yet another cybersecurity breach? Well, this one very likely involves you personally. SC Magazine reported that: “A Dun & Bradstreet 52GB database containing about 33.6 million records with very specific details about each of the people involved from […]

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