The Email Security Droid You’re Looking For is Powered by AI

May 03, 2022

Machinations are afoot in all of the dark web’s wretched hives of scum and villainy to launch attacks that damage businesses using a familiar delivery system: phishing. An estimated 65% of security leaders say that they’re seeing a rise in attempted cyberattacks including threats like spear phishing, ransomware and business email compromise. But raising a company’s deflector shields to stave off attacks from the dark side has never been easier or more affordable thanks to AI technology.  

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Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Web

Unfortunately, far too many businesses throughout the galaxy are caught in a cybercrime tractor beam. In a new study from Osterman Research, 89% of IT professionals said their organizations had experienced one or more successful email security breaches in the last 12 months. Even more worryingly, less than half of the organizations studied reported that they can block the delivery of email threats. Finding an effective email security solution has been more challenging than shooting the exhaust port on a Death Star for many companies – less than half of organizations rank their current email security solutions as effective.  

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Automated, AI-Driven Email Security is The Way

Automated email security is easy to implement and affordable, ready to fly to the rescue of organizations with email security challenges. Companies that invest in AI and automation to secure things like email quickly find they’ve activated the right droid protocols to enjoy a host of benefits.   

Gain the Power to Stop Phishing Threats Immediately 

When it comes to dangerous phishing messages, security solutions either do or do not stop the threat – there is no try. Automated email security is up to 40% more effective at spotting and stopping malicious messages than a SEG or conventional security. 

Don’t Go into Debt with the Hutt Clan to Improve Your Security 

Why splash out credits for more hands when AI-powered security gives companies stronger protection than conventional solutions while saving them more than 80% of the cost of manual security? Strong security doesn’t have to disintegrate your budget. 

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 AI Makes IT Teams More Powerful Than They Can Possibly Imagine

AI and automation transform IT departments, giving staffers the tools that they need to become security Jedi. About 42% of companies in an IBM survey cited AI and security automation as a major factor in their success at improving their cybersecurity posture.  

Greater Cyber Resilience Helps Companies Resist the Power of the Dark Side

Resisting the power of the Dark Side can be a challenge, but AI-driven security helps companies avoid Sith traps. Almost a quarter of the companies in the IBM/Ponemon Cyber Resilient Organizations Survey cited adopting solutions that used AI and machine learning as crucial to improving their cyber resilience.   

Maximize Your Resources to Stop Attacks from Cybercriminal Bounty Hunters 

If the worst does happen, your company’s incident response will be faster and cheaper from choosing solutions that utilize AI and security automation. Organizations using AI technology and automated solutions respond to breaches nearly 30% faster than companies that don’t have it, and companies investing in automation have a four-fold advantage in stopping a targeted cyberattack. 

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We’re Going to Tell You The Odds, and They’re Stacked Against SEGs

If your organization is still relying on a SEG, it might be time to toss it in the garbage chute. An overwhelming majority of IT leaders (89%) say that they’re perennially experiencing issues with the value and performance of their SEGs. That leaves them feeling a lack of faith in the tool. 

Almost half of IT leaders in a recent study cited the high level of administration required to maintain a SEG as their biggest frustration. Just over 30% said that their SEG quarantines too many legitimate emails. About one-third (30%) said that their SEG was just too expensive. Other problems that IT leaders have are serious negatives to the security performance of a SEG including attacks bypassing it too easily (27%) and having no way to know which attacks are actually getting through (20%).    

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Your Ally in the Fight Against Cybercrime is Graphus, and a Powerful Ally It Is Indeed 

Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side when you choose your allies in the fight. Graphus is an automated email security solution that is powered by AI. That means that it can intelligently sort and filter the emails that come into a company’s environment to determine which ones are safe and which ones are suspicious. How does it do that? By using The Force – and a unique, patented algorithm that fosters machine learning, enabling it to learn each company’s unique communication patterns to tailor that company’s protection now and in the future.      

Instant Cloud-Native Deployment 

Quickly deployable to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API. No big downloads. No lengthy installs. No time-consuming configurations. 

Stronger Security Immediately 

Graphus takes less than 30 minutes to deploy and immediately starts mitigating attacks without manual intervention from IT techs. 

Always-On, Aways Evolving & Always Learning 

Machine learning means that you’re not waiting for manual staff uploads of threat intelligence or safe senders to be protected from new or zero-day threats 

Intuitive Reporting 

Get insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. Beautifully visualized security data. 

User-Friendly Admin Portal 

Easily monitor for and investigate suspicious messages, adjust settings in seconds and remove malicious emails from all inboxes in one click. 

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Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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