Detecting ransomware attacks

Case Study: Consumer Technology

The Problem

Graphus is working with America’s leading on-demand roadside assistance service. Their platform connects service providers with motorists in need of help. They were looking for a solution to protect the business from spear-phishing attacks.

The Solution

Graphus Enterprise for G Suite (Google Apps) was deployed to protect them from social engineering attacks.
  • Detected a spear-phishing attack that contained a link to a malicious document hosted on a Google Drive
  • Detected a phishing attack that leveraged ‘undisclosed recipients’ technique to masquerade as a newsletter
  • Detected Sender Policy Framework (SPF) violations from their partners & vendors
Detected social engineering attacks preventing loss of sensitive information & business reputation

Secured their supply chain by identifying email systems vulnerable to attacks
Instantaneously and comprehensively able investigate any suspicious emails
Provided real-time situational awareness and insights into use of G Suite Platform