Protecting users from phishing scams

Case Study: Healthcare Technology

The Problem

Graphus customer, and healthcare technology organization provides a suite of technology solutions for patient health management. They deal with sensitive patient health information (PHI) and hence have HIPAA compliance requirements to protect PHI. The healthcare industry is prime target for cybercriminals and high profile data breaches such as Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Primera, etc. all started with spear-phishing attacks. They were looking for a solution to protect their organization from phishing, spear-phishing and other forms of social engineering attacks.

The Solution

Graphus Enterprise for G Suite (Google Apps) was deployed to protect them from social engineering attacks.
  • Detected spearphishing attack spoofing their CEO’s identity
  • Detected spearphishing attacks spoofing their domain name
  • Detected SPF violations from their partners & vendors
Secured their supply chain by identifying email systems vulnerable to attacks
Instantaneously and comprehensively able investigate any suspicious emails
Identified non-compliant employee activities (ie sending attachments to personal email addresses)
Provided real-time situational awareness and insights into use of Google Apps Platform