Solution for email scams

Case Study: Manufacturing

The Problem

Graphus is protecting a leading manufacturer-exporter of leather safety articles and work-garments. They have customers and suppliers all over the world. Their staff twice succumbed to ‘invoice scam’ by wiring money to cyber criminals who spoofed the identity of their overseas suppliers.

The Solution

Graphus’ Managed SOC for G Suite (Google Apps) was deployed to protect them from social engineering attacks.
  • Detected key accounts that were compromised and leaking sensitive information about the business transactions
  • Detected Sender Policy Framework (SPF) violations from their partners & vendors
Processed 100s of thousands of email messages and provided peace of mind that they are protected
Secured their supply chain by identifying email systems vulnerable to attacks
Managed SOC service has ensured that any suspicious emails forwarded to them are analyzed and reported on instantly.