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We are on a mission to make simple, effective, and automated cloud security accessible to any size business, anywhere in the world.

Businesses globally lose an estimated $400 billion every year to cyber crime. The cost of a single cyber attack averages $55,000 for an SMB to $1.8M for a large enterprise. More than 90% of successful data breaches start with a social engineering attack, commonly referred as phishing or spearphishing. Traditional security solutions like email-security, spam filtering, and antivirus are ineffective against these attacks.

Graphus technology is the most superior social engineering detection capability in the industry. It detects sophisticated attacks that even bypass G Suite’s world-class security. Underlying patent-pending technology uses graph theory, big data algorithms, and machine learning to determine the trusted relationships and user behaviors unique to the organization. Interactions and user activities are evaluated against this profile to detect social engineering attacks and suspicious activities.