Protecting against social engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Privacy & Security

    Does Graphus has access to my emails (Does Graphus read my company emails)?

    Graphus personnel does not have access to your email or your Graphus Portal unless you have subscribed to Managed SOC plan that explicitly tasks Graphus to provide you monitoring, investigation and incident response service. Graphus processes inbound and outbound emails in-memory to identify threats to your business. It does not store emails outside of your cloud office platform (e.g. G Suite).  Graphus extracts and stores meta attributes in Graphus Cloud. These attributes are accessible to only your authorized personnel (e.g. G Suite admins) for viewing and are used for investigating suspicious activities and in incident response to detected threats.

    How is customer data (e.g. meta attributes) secured in the Graphus Cloud?

    Graphus Cloud uses Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for encrypting and storing customer data (customer emails are not stored in Graphus Cloud). Amazon RDS uses cutting edge security and encryption technology. Google Apps customer use Google Single Sign On (SSO) to access Graphus Portal. Two factor authentication is supported for customers using username & password. Password is secured using PBKDF2 for hashing that uses salt unique for each user with 1000 iterations of hashing. Graphus Portal uses Secure Transport Layer (HTTPS) for securing data in motion when accessed by customers using web browsers.

    What is the data retention policy after trial or paid subscription is over?

    Once the Trial or Subscription expires, customer data is purged from the Graphus Cloud. During Trial or Subscription period, data older than 7-days is automatically purged on a regular basis.

    Who has access to My Graphus Portal?

    For Professional & Enterprise subscriptions, only G Suite (Google Apps) & Office 365 admins of your domain have access to the Graphus Portal. For Managed Service subscription, Graphus SOC (security operations center) has access to the Graphus Portal to provide full range of managed services (Monitoring, Investigations, and Incident Response) as part of the Managed SOC subscription.

  • Miscellaneous

    What threats does Graphus protect against? 
            1. Social Engineering Threats (phishing, spearphishing, cyber-scams).
            2. Account Compromise
            3. Malicious Attachments
            4. Malicious URLs Security


    Can you adjust frequency of Alerts?

    Graphus Customer Portal is updated as soon as a suspicious activity is identified. Email Alerts to registered admin accounts are generated every hour. At this time the frequency of Alerts can’t be adjusted.

    Does Graphus protect Google Drive?

    At this time Graphus doesn’t provide security functionality pertaining to Google Drive. There is an add-on functionality planned on the roadmap that will provide visibility into usage and security policy compliance for Google Drive.

    Does Graphus protect Office 365?

    Yes. Graphus protects Office 365 users as well.

    Can we implement Graphus for a sub-set of accounts or is it all or nothing?

    For larger customers (> 1000 user accounts), Graphus can be implemented for a sub-set of accounts. It is important to note that in this scenario only these accounts are protected from cyber threats.

    Does every employee need to activate or is it just the G Suite Admin for the company and everyone is covered?

    Every employee doesn’t need to activate Graphus. Once the G Suite Admin activates Graphus for your domain, it is automatically activated for all active user-accounts in your domain. Individual employees don’t have access to Graphus Portal.

    We use an email client, does this change or effect anything with the Graphus application?

    No, this doesn’t affect anything with the Graphus application. Graphus integrates with your productivity platform through its API and thus all interactions are monitored and protected independent of what client or device is used to access the email by your employees.

    Is pricing based on all email accounts or just employee accounts?

    Graphus subscription is priced per user-account protected. This implies all active user-accounts for which you are paying subscription fee to your cloud platform provider.