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Phishing defense powered by Patented AI technology - TrustGraph®

Activate in minutes

Graphus® integrates with Office 365 and G Suite cloud APIs. In just a few clicks, Office 365 and G Suite administrators can activate Graphus® with nothing to download, install, or configure.
Using the trust graph to defend phishing scams

TrustGraph® - Patented AI Technology

TrustGraph® analyzes over 30 different attributes of your company’s users to profile trusted relationships for complete protection against sophisticated phishing, spear phishing, and business email compromise attacks.

Instant notification

Receive real-time notification of any suspicious or malicious messages with email alerts. Reduce workload for IT/Security staff by auto-quarantining malicious messages and in-line warning banners.


With EmployeeShield™, our active warning banner, your employees are warned of any suspicious messages. The ensuing actions taken by the recipients provides a feedback loop making the system smarter and more accurate.

Investigate messages

Graphus® provides users the ability to investigate alerts, view content of the alerted message without viewing images and URLs (ie SafeView), and delete messages from all recipient’s inboxes with a single click.

Incident Response

1-Click delete allows IT/Security to delete all instances of an alerted message with a single click.

Gain Insights

View performance metrics and generate reports for deeper insights and to inform management.

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