Graphus Announces Automated Protection from Social Engineering, Spear Phishing, and Malware Attacks for G Suite Users

March 15, 2017

Reston, VA – March 15, 2017 – Graphus, a cybersecurity company that automates protection from social engineering, spear phishing and malware attacks, announced the general availability today of its cloud security product for G Suite. The Graphus solution has been in private beta for the past 15 months supporting ten companies and refining the solution to protect G Suite users. It is now available for any company to activate at Organizations of all sizes rely on Google’s G Suite today, but cyber criminals are still able to get past Google’s security at an alarming rate. Graphus applies graph theory, machine learning and big data algorithms to block social engineering and spear phishing attacks.

Surendra Goel,’s CTO & Chairman, said, “We were looking for a solution for social engineering threats that went beyond employee training. I was pleasantly surprised when Graphus caught an extremely sophisticated attack involving URL link to malware hosted on someone’s Google drive.”

According to Steve Morgan from Cybersecurity Ventures, Gmail deals “with billions of malicious emails everyday. The 0.1 percent of bad mail that gets through is wreaking havoc on email accounts — and contributing to the cybercrime epidemic that is costing the world trillions of dollars annually.”

“Companies are spending millions of dollars on cybersecurity every year, but many are realizing that employees are their weakest link and are unwittingly enabling cyber attacks. Spear phishing and social engineering attacks are growing quickly because they have extremely high success rates. We see that phishing training helps, but is not nearly enough because so many attacks are getting through. Graphus set out to solve this problem by algorithmically determining trust and automatically identifying social engineering, spear phishing, and malware attacks. That protection offers incredible peace of mind to Graphus users,” said Graphus founder and CEO Manoj Srivastava.

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A 2016 Information Security Media Group survey found that 60% of enterprises were breached by social engineering attacks. Spear phishing emails led to employee credential compromise and even employees trained to recognize phishing opened 30% of emails according to 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. While employee training is a good practice, it still leaves significant gaps in a company’s cyber defenses because employees still click on malicious and suspicious emails. FBI data show that the cost of recovering from social engineering cyber attacks average $130,000 per incident and many reach into the millions. These costs are often eclipsed by damage to an organization’s reputation.

About Graphus

Graphus® is industry’s first social engineering defense platform. It provides immediate protection and peace of mind for Office 365 and G Suite users by automatically eliminating social engineering threats – spear phishing, phishing, and business email scams. Simple, powerful, and patented Graphus technology employs artificial intelligence to establish a TrustGraph® between people, devices, and networks to detect threats. Companies can activate Graphus in minutes. Graphus was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Learn more by visiting our website –