Cloud security tailored to your business

Finally, a cybersecurity product that isn’t complex, expensive and inefficient.

Graphus does all the heavy lifting for you. There are no large upfront investments or the need to hire expensive security staff. Simply pay as you grow to receive automated protection against phishing attacks, email scams, ransomware, and other social engineering threats.
Generate reports on phishing scams
Activate via the Google Marketplace
A.I. Technology Analyzes Relationships
Trust is Verified. Threats are Mitigated.

Graphus provides industry-leading social engineering detection capabilities. It detects sophisticated phishing attacks that even bypass G Suite’s world-class security.

Underlying patent-pending technology uses graph theory, big data algorithms, and machine learning to learn about the trusted relationships and user behaviors unique to your organization. Interactions and user actions are evaluated against this profile to detect social engineering attacks and suspicious activities.

Enterprise-Level Features Without Enterprise-Level Pricing

  • Insights

    insights-icon-magentaKey feature
    360 degree view of interactions between your employees and outside people, countries, and domains.
    Why is this critical?
    Domains and Countries are important indicators of your supply-chain. Analytics highlight critical information and security risks.

  • Protection

    protection-icon-magentaKey Feature
    Automatically protect your business by isolating the attack to a quarantine for further analysis and mitigation.
    Why is this critical?
    Isolation of the attack ensures your organization is not impacted even if you don’t have time to take instant action.

  • IOC Export

    ioc-exports-icon-magentaKey Feature
    Export Indicators of Compromise (e.g. bad senders, IP Addresses, Malware hashes) to external security control like SIEM, IDS, for further investigation and protection.
    Why this is critical?
    Once an external threat has been detected, indicators associated with it can be used to inform other security controls and prevent network/data breach.

  • Security

    Key Feature
    Google SSO to access Graphus Portal. Two factor authentication for customers using username & password. Password secured using PBKDF2 with 1000 iterations of hashing. HTTPS for securing data in motion when accessed by customers using web browsers. Meta data encrypted on disc (emails not stored in cloud).

  • Detection

    Detection Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Detect social engineering attacks including spear-phishing, phishing, business email compromise, malicious attachments and links.
    Why is this critical?
    Employees are the weakest link in the digital security of an enterprise. Cyber criminals use social engineering to trick them into taking actions that result in data or network breach.

  • Investigation

    Investigation Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Investigate an attack e.g. sender, IP address, domain, recipients, etc. to determine the scope of the attack and if you were impacted by similar attacks in the past.
    Why is this critical? 
    Gives you on-demand capability to investigate if an email is indeed malicious and take appropriate incident-response directed at only the recipients of that email. In the absence of this capability – most organization resort to sending broadcast emails that further exacerbates the problem.

  • Reports

    Reports Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Generate Investigation Report, Compliance Report, and other customized Reports for information sharing and compliance requirements.
    Why this is critical?
    Ease of sharing information with management and compliance regulatory bodies.

  • Audit Trail

    Compliance Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Immutable record of all read & write activities of users with access to Graphus application for security audit requirement.

  • Notification

    Notification Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Instant alerts to notify you of the detected threats to your information and business.
    Why this is critical?
    When your organization is under attack, time is of the essence. Instant alerts allow you to take instant action.

  • Incident Response

    Compliance Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Delete or quarantine malicious emails with one click from all employees’ inbox that received the threat. Know exactly which employees received the malicious email and which employees actually opened it. Isolate devices of affected employees for disinfection.

  • Security Analyst

    Security Analyst Icon MagentaKey Feature
    Augment your IT staff with our security analyst for continuous monitoring, threat investigation, and incident response.
    Why this is critical? 
    Comprehensive security without costly investment in full-time security personnel.

  • “Our customers trust us with their confidential HR data. It is absolutely critical that we protect our employees against social engineering threats. Graphus gives us that peace of mind knowing that we are protected!”


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