Phishing defense tailored to your business

Finally, a cybersecurity product that isn’t complex, expensive and inefficient.

Graphus® does all the heavy lifting for you. There are no large upfront investments or the need to hire expensive security staff. Simply pay as you grow to receive automated protection against phishing attacks, email scams, ransomware, and other social engineering threats.
Activate in minutes. Immediate protection.
A.I. Technology Analyzes Relationships
TrustGraph® is created. Threats are Mitigated.

Graphus® provides the industry's first automated social engineering detection solution. It detects sophisticated phishing attacks that even bypass G Suite’s & Office 365's world-class security.

Underlying patented technology (our TrustGraph®) uses graph theory, big data algorithms, and machine learning to learn about the trusted relationships and user behaviors unique to your organization. Interactions and user actions are evaluated against this profile to detect social engineering attacks and suspicious activities.

  • “Graphus gives you an additional layer of security that requires very little interaction so we can keep our work day moving along.”

    Mike Komnick
    IT Manager, Martin Engineering

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