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Protecting your employees from phishing scams and other social engineering threats

Activate in minutes

With just a few clicks, G Suite & Office 365 Administrators can activate Graphus. How does enterprise-level security specifically designed for your organization in less than 30 seconds sound?
Graphus protects against phishing scams

Complete protection within a minute

Where most Cybersecurity software can take weeks to be implemented and become effective. Graphus is up and running and analyzing data within 60 seconds across your entire organization.

Graphus does the heavy lifting for you

Graphus uses graph theory, big data analytics, and machine learning to analyze over 30 different attributes of your company's users to profile trusted relationships for complete protection against sophisticated cyber attacks.
Using the trust graph to defend phishing scams
Safeguard employees from phishing scams

Safeguard your employees from cyber threats

Graphus analyzes both incoming and outgoing emails and determines if email is coming from a trustworthy sender or if it contains a malicious attachment or link. If deemed untrustworthy an alert is generated. If the alert is of high or critical severity, the email is automatically removed from all recipients’ inbox and quarantined for the admin to look at it.

Quickly take action on alerts

Graphus allows you to quickly investigate alerts and take action with just a few clicks. Delete all copies of an email from several users mailbox with 1-Click. Sandbox attachments and links in the email for real-time analysis.
Take action against phishing scams
Protecting from phishing scams

Protecting user accounts from sophisticated attacks

Graphus analyzes user account logins and associated activities and if anomalous behavior is detected in account login or account activity an alert is generated. Admins review the alert and the account activity to confirm if the user account has been compromised.

Threat investigation to reduce incident response from days to minutes

From the Graphus dashboard, admins can look up the reported suspicious email to investigate further. Administrators can examine headers, attributes created by the system, and test the attachment and/or the web-links in the email for malicious behavior. If the email is malicious, it can be quarantined or deleted - removing the email from every recipient who received the email.
Investigate phishing scams in seconds
Generate reports on phishing scams

Generate reports for information sharing and compliance requirements.

Easily generate investigation, compliance and other customized reports to share with management and compliance regulatory bodies.

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