Graphus protects the companies that protect you

Here at Graphus we’ve seen a rapid increase in number of cybersecurity vendors and MSPs/VARs signing up to use Graphus® to protect their own organization from highly targeted, zero-day cyber attacks. We couldn’t be more excited and proud that the vendors that are relied on to protect organizations of all sizes, all over the world, are coming to Graphus to protect themselves against socially engineered attacks.

Sophisticated phishing attacks that leverage Google Drive

Detecting zero-day attacks is what Graphus® specializes in but what happens when the attack starts from a ‘trusted’ domain/URL? These can be nearly impossible to detect for most security solutions which means it is most likely making it into the inbox of your employees.

Financial Services, Cybercriminals Favorite Target

On a daily basis we are reading about a new cyber attack against a financial services organization - and this is no surprise as financial services is the number one industry for cybercriminals to target for the second year in a row. From The National Bank of Blacksburg which experienced two phishing attacks in eight months that resulted in $2.4M being stolen to Simplii Financial which had data compromised for approximately 40,000 of their clients, the financial services industry is under constant attack.

Graphus in Dreamit SecureTech’s Fall 2018 cohort of startups

We are excited to announce that Graphus is a part of Dreamit SecureTech’s Fall 2018 cohort. This is Dreamit SecureTech’s inaugural program which is being led by cybersecurity veteran, Bob Stasio, Managing Director of Dreamit SecureTech.

Dreamit SecureTech, which is a fund and accelerator that is focused on startups with revenue and are ready to scale, launched earlier this year.

Government contractors are prime targets for phishing attacks

Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen stated in a recent speech that cyber weapons and sophisticated hacking now pose a greater threat to the United States than a physical attack. While the Department of Homeland Security faces an enormous amount of cyber threats on a daily basis, they aren’t the only target.

Manufacturers are bombarded with phishing attacks

The manufacturing industry has invested heavily in cybersecurity the last few years, however, manufacturers still seem to be unsure how well they are protected, according to Deloitte’s Center for Industry Insights. This is likely due to the fact that manufacturers are hit hard with cyber attacks on a daily basis and in many cases don’t even know if the attacks are successful.

Graphus isn’t your grandpappy’s security solution

Attackers are taking advantage of our hurried up, multi-tasking, “I needed that yesterday!” way of life. Today, like many days, Graphus® detected a sophisticated, targeted phishing campaign against one of our clients. The attacker sent these phishing attacks first thing in the morning when people are just opening up their inboxes and are inundated with the number of messages waiting for their reply.

One third of phishing attacks target financial services

According to Kaspersky Lab’s Spam and Phishing Q2 2018 report, over one third (35.7%) of all phishing attacks targeted financial services organizations - and the Fortune 500 aren't the only targets. As we’ve written about before, small to medium sized financial service organizations are hit the hardest.

Graphus detects sophisticated SharePoint phishing attacks

Recently, Graphus has detected several Microsoft SharePoint attacks for our customers. These are newer attack types that are extremely well crafted and difficult to detect. What this looks like for the recipient is the following.

The recipient receives an email with a link to a SharePoint document.