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Graphus is a simple, automated and affordable AI solution that supercharges your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email security with AI, stopping current and emerging email threats without lifting a finger.

  • Automatic alerts and quarantines: Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system safer.
  • EmployeeShield®: Display an active warning banner on your suspicious incoming emails.
  • Swift activations: Deploys to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms in a matter of minutes via cloud APIs; no big downloads, no lengthy installs, no time-consuming configurations.

BullPhish ID is the ideal solution for businesses to use to train employees to resist BEC attacks as well as malware, spear phishing and credential compromise. It is the industry leader in phishing simulations. Key features include:

  • Engaging content: Choose from a wide variety of plug-and-play phishing simulations, with new phishing simulation kits added every month.
  • User-friendly personalized training portal: Train your way with fully customizable phishing kit content including links and attachments to reflect industry-specific threats.
  • Customized materials: Customize phishing emails, sending domains and attachments to your needs to mimic industry-specific threats and increase training effectiveness.
  • Always current training assets: Fresh phishing kits and videos are released monthly to reflect the current threat landscape and keep your employees on the lookout for trouble.
* Conditions apply. For new Kaseya customers only on a 3 year term. Offer expires Oct 15, 2022.