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With Graphus you can protect Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace from emerging email threats. Our email security solution enables you to increase phishing protection without damaging your wallet.

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Key Benefits of Graphus Email Malware Protection

Protect Every Inbox In Your Organization

Today's email attacks routinely bypass security controls such as secure email gateways, Microsoft 365 security, and Google Workspace security. Graphus is an email security platform that protects your workforces email systems from cyberattack. We provide substantial security against disasters like Business Email Compromise (BEC), Ransomware, Account Takeover (ATO), and other advanced threats.

Complete Email Protection

Graphus protects your sensitive information from sophisticated phishing messages and attacks. It's also easy to deploy, monitor, and manage.

Manage in minutes

Take the burden off overloaded IT resources, using AI to pre-emptively capture never seen before threats.

Affordable for all

Affordable for lean IT Department budgets and priced right for MSPs to scale their services.

Key Features

Get Superior Protection In Minutes

Advanced threats like spear phishing and social engineering are constantly evolving. It's important to stop them before they cause damage to your business.

Cloud-Native Deployment

Quickly activate Graphus on Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Email protection without the downloads, lengthy installs and time consuming configurations.

Enhanced Reporting

Beautifully visualized security data reports to help you quickly see your risks, attack types, and more.

User-Friendly Admin Portal

In the admin portal you can fine-tune the security levels. As well as easily monitor for suspicious messages, quarantine them and then investigate them safely.

Patented Advanced AI

Our artificial intelligence engine TrustGraph® you can mitigate against ever evolving threats.

Active Warning Banner

EmployeeShield® displays an active warning banner on suspicious emails and gives employees the ability to report threats.

Automatic Alerts & Quarantine

Leverage artificial intelligence and automation to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system easier.

Frequently asked questions about Graphus

What is Anti-phishing protection?

Anti-phishing protection is a term that refers to secure measures to help prevent or mitigate phishing attacks.

A benefit of a solution like this is that it's focused on preventing malicious emails from being seen by end users. This refuses the threat rather than relying on users to detect the attack themselves.

Why do I need phishing protection?

As an IT Service Provider you are relied on by your clients to help protect them from the latest cyber threats.

Anti-phishing protection tools help eliminate some of the threats that users face. When deployed as part of a multi-layered security service it can help provide robust data protection.

How does Graphus Work?

Graphus is an email security software solution that includes anti-phishing features.

Anti-phishing tools help IT teams to monitor the flow of incoming emails. Which then enables them to quarantine suspicious messages before they reach end users.

How much does graphus cost?

Our all inclusive pricing includes all the functionality offered for one low monthly fee, no add-on feature charges.

Once you have requested a quote, one of our email security specialists will then contact you to discuss pricing.

What should I look for in an anti-phishing solution?

When it comes to finding a quality anti-phishing solution, it can be complex. However Graphus offers an array of benefits like:

  • Fast and accurate alerts
  • Strong productivity tools for easy administration
  • Live real-time threat data
  • Easy email reporting or “mark as safe” features
  • Clear and visible user alerts on unexpected messages
  • AI and automation to tackle challenges

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"Using Graphus is an easy conversation, especially with the clients who've gotten attacked before."

Zach Gay, IT Administrator of Integrated Technology

"Microsoft Defender is filtering out some phishing emails, but it doesn't have the smart banner support Graphus offers."

Bryan Buck, CTO of SouthStar Bank

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