TechNosis, established in 2005, was an early entrant into the MSP world. Today, the company handles IT support and security consulting for customers in a wide variety of industries all over the U.S. TechNosis also maintains a commitment to giving back to its community. For their smaller customers, TechNosis is a full service, full stack IT provider. For larger customers, TechNosis serves as an extension of the IT department, providing security and compliance-related solutions for IT administrators of larger companies.

  • Company: TechNosis
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Appleton, WI
  • Established: 2005
  • Interviewed: Emma Stone, Director of Operations, and Wyatt Verheyen, Senior Technician

"Drop-a-Phish takes a very manual setup process that takes a lot of technician time and turns it into a no -think, no-touch task that runs automatically and saves our team a lot of overhead."

Emma Stone, Director of Operations, TechNosis

The Challenge

An ever-growing number of phishing attacks meant that TechNosis’ clients were constantly under siege by dangerous messages, requiring powerful email security that also provided defense-in-depth. That need for increased security also led to a need for increased training. Technicians were spending increasingly too much time on security awareness training campaigns. An additional complication arose when they discovered that the security awareness training and phishing simulations sent via email would be caught by customers’ email security providers and never reach the end user unless a technician spent time whitelisting the sending domain. This situation could also dent the customer’s perception of the MSP, because when clients received security training status reports, they discovered that their employees never completed their training because their email security had blocked the phishing simulation exercises.


  • Provide customers with effective security awareness training
  • Strengthen customers’ email security
  • Minimize technician time spent onboarding new customers and managing training campaigns

The Solution

TechNosis gained the tools needed to strengthen their customers’ email security, improve their customers’ security training programs and minimize the amount of technician time spent tinkering with the products. BullPhish ID and Graphus became part of every customer’s security buildout. Graphus layered perfectly on top of other email security solutions like Microsoft 365 security and Sophos, providing an additional layer of defense. In addition, the Graphus EmployeeShield email banner helped increase end user phishing awareness.

The built-in BullPhish ID automation tools helped technicians save hours by enabling them to quickly set up training programs for multiple clients. The ability to schedule training in advance for automatic deployment at pre-determined intervals made it easy to deploy a monthly training campaign and two phishing exercises per month for each client. The Drop-a-Phish integration between BullPhish ID and Graphus was another big time-saver, ensuring that phishing simulations deployed through BullPhish ID would reach the end user without a technician spending time whitelisting the sending domains.


TechNosis has greatly benefitted from its relationship with Kaseya. Kaseya’s MSP-centric thinking and multiple integrations between its products helped reduce the number of technician hours needed to serve customers, keeping costs low. They’re excited about the new BullPhish ID integration with IT Glue and how it will improve their new client onboarding.

TechNosis is also anticipating a big benefit from an upcoming integration between several Kaseya security solutions and Autotask PSA that will save the company significant office administration and finance time. Kaseya’s commitment to integrations has helped TechNosis continue to increase operations efficiency and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

“The biggest click for me was the idea of bypassing any spam filters and placing the phishing simulation email directly into the inbox. That saves a lot of whitelisting time.”

Wyatt Verheyen, Senior Technician, TechNosis

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“I am extremely excited about the centralized data warehousing and Kaseya’s inter-tool functionality. I believe that will facilitate faster support and faster onboarding of our own internal resources.”

Emma Stone, Director of Operations, TechNosis