Canadian Food Processor

This Graphus customer is a food processing company in Canada. The company serves retail outlets, restaurants and other food industry clients and employs about 450 people, out of which 100 are office staff.

  • Industry: Food & Agriculture
  • Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Interviewed: Information Services Manager

"Graphus certainly struck a chord with me since, over time, through how we interact with it, it certainly trains the system and we get fewer and fewer false positive notifications. We’re very pleased with the operational aspect of Graphus and I would recommend it to people for sure."

Information Services Manager

The Challenge

The organization was experiencing a high volume of phishing messages, with phishing attempts being almost a daily occurrence. The IT team trained the staff to forward any suspicious messages to them for vetting. However, analyzing those messages was taking up too much valuable IT time and distracting them from other priorities. Although the company’s existing email security was quarantining suspicious messages, many were false positives, and sorting through them to accurately determine which ones were legitimate and which ones were phishing fell on the shoulders of the employees. They needed a solution that added an additional layer of phishing protection to Microsoft 365 with a low false-positive rate.

Goals of the Company’s Relationship with Graphus:

  • Strengthen the company’s defense against phishing
  • Find a solution with a low false-positive rate
  • Reduce the time the IT team members and employees spend reviewing quarantined messages

The Solution

The company chose to add automated email security with Graphus to its defensive array. The IT team was pleased with the way the algorithm learned their communication patterns. They found that the interactive warning banner on suspicious messages was easy and intuitive for employees to use, and it reduced the number of false positives and quarantined messages employees had to sift through previously.


Graphus was easy to set up, with minimal need for customer support

The algorithm continues to learn the company’s communication patterns and refine protection 

Additional email security was beneficial when securing cyber risk insurance

“We still have Microsoft quarantining emails for us. And if it passes that test, then we have another opportunity — another layer of defense with Graphus. It's not bulletproof—nothing is—but it’s a heck of a lot better than where we were.”

Information Services Manager

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“I really appreciate Graphus for making my work more enjoyable and for a bit of peace of mind for stopping potential fraudulent or phishing emails coming in that may not otherwise be spotted.”

Information Services Manager