Secure Network Services

Secure Network Services is a Florida-based managed service provider (MSP) that offers comprehensive IT services like cybersecurity, backup and recovery, and cloud services to clients. The MSP strives to provide enterprise level IT services to small and medium-sized businesses, with its main clientele concentrated in the manufacturing sector.

  • Company: Secure Network Services
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Lakeland, FL
  • ESTABLISHED: August 2003
  • Interviewed: Robert S. Gelsinger, Founder & CEO

“The insurance providers we work with offer incentives to our clients simply by having us make sure that all the security requirements within the policy are fulfilled.”

Robert S. Gelsinger, Founder & CEO of Secure Network Services

The Challenge

Organizations, from large corporations to SMBs, face multiple cybersecurity risks today. That’s why, along with robust cybersecurity defenses, organizations need cyber liability insurance. Insurance carriers have also caught on to the risks of cybercrimes and have been increasing security requirements for organizations to get insurance coverage. These requirements include multifactor authentication, security awareness training and testing, backups, endpoint protections, managed detection and response, and incident response planning. Insufficient security measures increase the chances of a cyber incident and result in an MSP’s clients having to pay more for their cyber insurance policy. Without solid coverage, the remediation cost of the attack also shoots through the roof, making it extremely difficult for victim companies, especially SMBs, to pull through.

The Solution

SNS offers a mandatory Cybersecurity-as-a-Service package that includes all the prerequisites of cyber liability insurance. Bundled in basic and advanced options, SNS tailors its cybersecurity packages based on clients’ specific needs and risk profiles. Any client that opts for SNS’s managed services automatically gets EDR with SOC monitoring, security awareness training, and AI-based advanced email security and phishing defense in their cybersecurity arsenal.

SNS puts its trust in BullPhish ID for security awareness training to educate and empower its clients’ employees against phishing attacks. Regular security awareness training enables clients to be compliant with cyber liability insurance requirements and helps them get discounted rates. Additionally, the ability to upload custom training materials and use BullPhish ID to deliver that training enables SNS’s clients to create bespoke training programs along with the required security training, making the solution an even more valuable asset for the clients.

To protect clients against email-based phishing attacks, SNS leverages Graphus, which detects and blocks the vast majority of phishing emails before the clients’ employees can interact with them. The monthly reports generated by Graphus give clients clear insights into all the phishing emails quarantined by the platform and shows the types of attacks they’ve been protected against.

SNS includes dark web monitoring through Dark Web ID for clients choosing premium cybersecurity packages. Whenever a credential compromise is found on the dark web, the platform automatically alerts the MSP and the client about the exposure, giving clients the opportunity to remediate the situation before a breach could occur.

SNS also uses Dark Web ID as an effective prospecting tool whenever they see a new client opportunity. The dark web compromise report generated by Dark Web ID is a way for SNS to drive a wedge between the prospective client and their current IT services provider. The reports allow SNS to show clients their dark web exposure that their current provider wasn’t even aware of and do it without ever gaining access to their IT environment.

As a user of IT Glue, SNS rates the IT documentation management features of the platform very highly. SNS is looking forward to enabling the recently released IT Glue integrations with several Kaseya Security solutions, which will allow IT Glue to push client data into the security platforms, improving client onboarding speed and simplifying customer management.


Being a cybersecurity-focused MSP, Secure Network Services strives to offer best-in-breed cybersecurity solutions that fulfill cyber liability insurance requirements and deliver robust security for its clients’ IT environments. The MSP provides 24/7/365 cybersecurity and disaster recovery solutions to every client it onboards.

“One of the most attractive things about BullPhish ID is that you can create your own training curriculum. If there’s a specific requirement that you’re trying to meet, BullPhish ID will allow you to create your own video content and your own questions so that you can create customized security awareness training or other training programs on the same platform.”

Robert S. Gelsinger, Founder & CEO of Secure Network Services

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“The Graphus reporting tools have been quite valuable because, at the end of the month, we get a very graphical report for each client, which is very easy to look at and understand. The clients can see all malicious files, ransomware and other phishing content that were stopped by the platform.”

Robert S. Gelsinger, Founder & CEO of Secure Network Services