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For the Win: How AI Phishing Defence Beats Cybercrime

The link between phishing and a data breach is obvious – it’s well known that 90% of cybersecurity incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. And, since the work from home revolution that started as a result of COVID-19, phishing attacks crimes have risen by a staggering 600%.

Reduce your chance of suffering a phishing-related cybersecurity incident by reducing the number of potential phishing emails that your staff sees. See threats before they close in on you and strengthen your defenses today.

Join us for a webinar and learn:

  • How phishing attacks endanger business and how Graphus closes the security gap.
  • How AI technology helps you and your business be better protected.
  • How Graphus spots and quarantines a dangerous message before it lands in an employee inbox.
  • How Graphus learns your company’s unique communication patterns.

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