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Stop Phishing Email Attacks That Others Miss

Graphus supercharges your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email security with AI, stopping both known and zero-day email threats — like spear phishing, malware and ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), brand impersonation fraud and supply chain attacks — without you lifting a finger or hurting your budget.

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Protect Every Inbox From Attacks Missed by Other Solutions

Today’s email attacks routinely bypass security controls such as secure email gateways and native Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace security. Graphus is the world’s first automated email security platform that protects every employee from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts, providing comprehensive protection against disasters like Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO) and other advanced threats.

Automated To Save You Time

Graphus takes just 3 clicks to deploy and mitigates attacks without manual intervention from IT techs.

Complete Email Protection

A cloud-based solution that detects and blocks 99.9% of sophisticated email attacks before they ever reach employee inboxes.


Affordable for lean IT team budgets and priced right to help MSPs realize profit.

Get Superior Protection In Minutes

Squash advanced threats from constantly evolving cybercrime tactics like spear phishing, url-based attacks, impersonation and social engineering schemes.

  • Instant Cloud-Native Deployment
    Deploy in less than a minute to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API. No lengthy installs. No time-consuming configurations or email traffic rerouting.
  • Intuitive Reporting
    Get insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. Beautifully visualized security data.
  • User-Friendly Admin Portal
    Easily monitor for suspicious messages and investigate them safely. Adjust settings in seconds and remove malicious emails from all inboxes in one click.
  • Advanced, Patented AI
    Phishing protection is automated via TrustGraph®, which is constantly adapting to evolving threats and stops attacks before they ever reach your users.
  • Active Warning Banner
    EmployeeShield® displays an active warning banner on suspicious emails and gives employees the ability to report threats or mark them as safe.
  • Automatic Alerts & Quarantine
    Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system safer.

Graphus Innovation Spotlight

As a Kaseya company, Graphus is committed to delivering innovative features and functionality, designed to significantly enhance our customers’ service delivery quality and workflow efficiency. Take a peek at some of our latest new features:


See What Our Customers Are Saying

Graphus is easy to set up and manage, adds the needed protection custom tailored to our organization, helps the end user learn about bad emails through the warning banners, and has a place to forward questionable emails that may not contain a banner. This, combined with the low cost, makes this product a great fit for our organization!

Thompson Knows
John Hadden IT Project Manager Thompson Knows

As an MSP working with startups, some of our clients process 500,000 emails monthly and Graphus keeps up with the quantity and filters out the malicious and suspicious content, making it feasible for our techs to review only the emails flagged

MARFi Systems
Danny Mehdi-Tash Founder & CEO MARFI Systems, Inc.

Graphus is simple to implement, and the protection it offers is great. Clients are very happy with the security provided by Graphus.

Network Integrated Technologies
James Richards Technical Team Leader Network IT

My favorite thing about Graphus is the ease of onboarding new clients. The setup is a breeze compared to other options on the market. It allows me to have an easy-to-implement security product for my clients and at an affordable rate.

Sulli Digital
Bill Sullivan CTO Sulli Digital

In a time when phishing is front and center, it's great to have Graphus providing security and protection. It is powerful and easy to use and manage.

Royal Network IT Solutions
John Sheftic Vice President Royal Network IT Solutions

What I like the most about Graphus is that it’s effective and simple to administer. We work with many clients and Graphus makes managing that easy. The onboarding experience was really good.

John Gray IT Technician Refresh IT

Graphus is easy and smart! I run a very thin staff, and it’s great to know that work is done for me without extra effort or expense.

Marsha Gazy Owner TeamLogic IT

The support at Graphus is far superior to any other that I have ever experienced. And that says a great deal since I’ve been in the industry for over 31 years. The product is a great fit for our MSP because it provides our customers with a layer of needed protection.

Nicholas Sella System Analyst Ascension IT
Some of the biggest names from a variety of industries trust Graphus to defend their systems from phishing attacks
AWS Partner Network
Newk's Eatery | Graphus Case Study
Martin Engineering
Dollar Shave Club
U.S. Metals
Rio Grande Foods
United Church Homes
FI Consulting
Provenance Technology Inc.
Meadowgate Technologies
Advantage Technologies
From At Risk to Protected

Get Started With Graphus in As Little as 30 Minutes

Activate Graphus in your environment in minutes. A quick onboarding call with your Graphus implementation specialist helps you customize your settings and configurations. Enjoy simple, powerful, automated phishing defense for all your users.

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Anti-Phishing FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions regarding anti-phishing software and protection measures. For questions specific to the Graphus Product, please see the Graphus FAQ page.

Anti-phishing protection is the security measures that organizations can take to prevent or mitigate a phishing attack. This can be provided by security solutions that can do things like stop the delivery of email to an end user by placing suspicious messages into quarantine.
Anti-phishing protection is a critical component of an organization’s defense against cyber threats. Phishing is the most dangerous cyber threat that businesses face and a frequent precursor for cyberattacks like business email compromise, account takeover and ransomware.

There are a number of techniques that IT professionals employ to defend organizations from phishing. Security awareness training can help make employees more aware of phishing-related threats. Phishing simulators are also an effective way to train employees to spot phishing red flags.

Companies also use a variety of email security tools to filter out suspicious email messages. Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) were once the most popular choice, but technology has changed since their inception. Some companies also rely on the built-in security that comes with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. One of the most effective and affordable ways for companies to reduce phishing risk is to opt for an AI-powered email security solution that can stop the delivery of phishing messages to company inboxes.

Anti-phishing software typically consists of computer programs that attempt to identify phishing content that could be contained in email. The tools that anti-phishing solutions provide are used to adjudicate, sort and block suspicious messages content. Some anti-phishing software also performs the same jobs for websites and instant messaging.
Anti-phishing tools and solutions give IT teams control over the flow of incoming communications, enabling them to quarantine suspicious messages. Anti-phishing software is a constantly evolving area of security technology that helps IT teams stop phishing messages when they enter a company’s space but before they reach end users.
A quality anti-phishing solution offers an array of benefits like:
  • Fast, accurate alerts to IT staffers
  • Productivity tools that make administration easy
  • Clear, real-time threat data
  • Tools to help users make better decisions
  • An easy way for users to report a phishing attempt or mark a message as safe
  • Alerts that warn users of danger by placing warnings at the top of unexpected messages
  • Constant accuracy improvement
  • A minimal false positive rate
  • A thorough message analysis
  • AI and automation that is ready to handle the challenges of a cloud-based world

Communicate with confidence knowing that your inboxes are safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

Put the powerful TrustGraph® AI of Graphus to work for your business, and in minutes you’ll get a powerful, easy-to-use, and customizable EmployeeShield® against phishing attacks.
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ChannelPro SMB Forum 2021 Winner - Most Innovation Solution
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Winner 2022 Gold
SMB TechFest Best Innovation 2022 Q1
2021 Channel Pro Best New Solution
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