Graphus + Kaseya

The 2020 acquisition and integration of Graphus, a powerful automated phishing defense
software, has expanded the capabilities of Kaseya’s award-winning IT Complete platform. With
hybrid and remote work and cloud email adoption at an all-time high, businesses have an even
greater need for strong cybersecurity defenses to avoid devastating data breaches and financial
consequences. Graphus enhanced Kaseya’s security suite with a simple, automated and cost-
effective email security and phishing defense platform. Integration between Graphus and
BullPhish ID enable customers to deliver phishing simulation exercises and security awareness
training without whitelisting, saving considerable time and effort. With phishing attacks on the
rise, Kaseya customers can amplify their existing suite of security tools with Graphus’ powerful
email defense to create the most comprehensive, end-to-end security stack possible. Kaseya’s
investment in Graphus allowed the product to evolve quickly. The customer base increased a
staggering 1600%, less than two years after the acquisition.

Kaseya’s Investment in Graphus

Investment in Product

  • 6571% growth in total users
  • ~$7M increase in R&D investment, 28+ Software Releases, 100+ Major features launched, 4 new integrations
  • Key Additions/Features: Phish911, Internal Attacks Detection, GDPR Compliance, MSP Release — branding, self-service features, API for 3rd Party integrations, Drop-A-Phish
  • Lowered pricing

Investment in People & Culture

  • 12 employees at acquisition, 45 today
  • One original executive serves on Kaseya’s leadership team:
  • Vishal Dixit, VP of Engineering