Spear Phishing & Social Engineering

Spear Phishing eBookSocial engineering is a serious menace that strikes at the heart of every business. Bad actors use social engineering techniques every day to trick your employees into unwittingly damaging your business. Their efforts are fueled by the massive amount of information about people and organizations that’s readily available on the Dark Web to power spear phishing attacks. In this eBook, we’ll tell you what you can do to reduce the risk including:

  • The nuts and bolts of social engineering and cybercrime
  • What social engineering adds to strengthen spear phishing attacks
  • How automated phishing defense mitigates the risk of social engineering threats

Cybercriminals are busy coming up with innovative ways to sink their hooks into your staff. Shouldn't you try an innovative way to stop them? Let our experts show you why Graphus is the perfect defensive tool against social engineering and spear phishing attacks.

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