AOR Consulting

AOR Consulting is a full-service IT support firm that serves small and midsize businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. AOR’s client list includes companies in the legal, medical, manufacturing and defense sectors, including a paper supplier that has been in business for over 100 years.

  • Company: AOR Consulting
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Interviewed: Alex Raginsky, Owner of AOR Consulting

"Graphus is profitable for the MSP because it doesn't require much maintenance, and it generates a decent return."

Alex Raginsky, Owner of AOR Consulting

The Challenge

AOR provides its customers with an array of quality security products, including BullPhish ID, ID Agent’s security awareness training and phishing simulation solution. However, the training wasn’t as effective as it should have been for some clients because employees were finding ways to avoid it, increasing their company’s phishing risk. That created a need for more proactive protection against phishing. AOR chose to add Graphus to its security offering to close this gap and strengthen email security for clients in a climate of constantly increasing email-based cyberattack risk

The Solution

By adding Graphus to its security stack, AOR was able to proactively and easily protect its clients from phishing, closing gaps left by employee training. Graphus made it easy for AOR to boost every customer’s security and mitigate increasing phishing risk affordably without disrupting their flow of communication, creating a frictionless customer experience.


With Graphus, AOR gained a clear look at each client’s unique email-based threat picture. This gave AOR valuable information to share with clients to help them demonstrate the value of the security they had in place. Graphus is easy to implement, with a minimal setup and maintenance requirement. Clients found it easy to approve senders and quarantine suspicious messages. The bright, noticeable EmployeeShield warning banners added to unexpected incoming messages also gives AOR an opening to educate clients about phishing and the problem it presents.

“Graphus catches probably about 20 phishing emails a day from one company. Before we put in Graphus, they were just coming in and I don't know where they were going. This way we know we're catching it and I have other protections in place, but they weren't catching it as Graphus is now.”

Alex Raginsky, Owner of AOR Consulting

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“My favorite thing about Graphus is that it works. That's the piece that's probably the best. People live and die by their email, so that’s a very important thing.”

Alex Raginsky, Owner of AOR Consulting