EC Group

EC Group is a managed service provider (MSP) that supports small and medium businesses in diverse industries, including real estate, education, manufacturing, insurance and financial services. The company was established in 1973 as a computer hardware components provider but has since transitioned to managed services and IT consulting.

  • Company: EC Group
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Tucson, Ariz
  • Established: 1973
  • Interviewed: Luis Figueroa, General Manager

"We liked the fact that Graphus was a fairly lightweight setup. It was an easy installation with no MS365 email disruption."

Luis Figueroa, General Manager of EC Group

The Challenge

EC Group was looking for a way to provide its customers with stronger email security to protect them from sophisticated threats like spoofing and business email compromise. The company preferred a solution that would integrate easily with Microsoft 365 as well as offer an array of reporting tools to demonstrate the value of advanced email security easily to clients. The right solution would also have features like automation to make it straightforward for technicians to manage. 

Goals of EC Group – Graphus Relationship

  • Provide strong email security for customers
  • Gain insight into customers’ threat landscape
  • Grow their security business

The Solution

EC Group uses Graphus solutions to provide additional layers of email security for clients, including offering enhanced executive protection to mitigate business email compromise. By leveraging the clear reports that can be generated from the Graphus dashboard, EC Group has been able to give clients deeper insight into their email security threats. Quick deployment and simple integration enables EC Group to smoothly add the protection of Graphus for more clients. The company is also in a good position to grow its business while successfully securing clients with another must-have layer of protection from email security threats.


EC Group can add strong email protection for clients that have to adhere to security compliance standards under regulatory programs like PCI DSS.

The extra layer of security Graphus provides can help clients meet cyber insurance requirements.  

The features of the analytics dashboard make it easy for technicians to manage Graphus and automate delivery of reports to stakeholders.

“We were impressed by the AI feature set. And what really sparked it is the AI learning — how Graphus learns about the communication between internal email users and how it's capable of detecting that a message really didn't come into our mail system from inside the network.”

Luis Figueroa, General Manager of EC Group

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“The graphical interface is great. You're able to look at analytics right on your dashboard and get pretty granular with it. It definitely has a lot of nice features that we're able to use for administration.”

Luis Figueroa, General Manager of EC Group