Elmwood Park Public Schools

Elmwood Park Public Schools is a public school district with five elementary, middle and high schools in Elmwood Park, NJ. The district employs more than 300 staff members and educates more than 2,800 students in pre-K through 12th grade.

"We set it up, and to be honest, I rarely have to go in there to check into the portal. It's set, and we forget it."

Moises Cordero, Director of IT at Elmwood Park Public Schools

The Challenge

Elmwood Park Public Schools was experiencing a high volume of sophisticated phishing attacks, including executive impersonation and business email compromise attempts. These messages were well-crafted enough to fool employees. In one successful attack, a school administrator was impersonated, resulting in an employee purchasing gift cards for the scammer. In another attack, a school board member was impersonated. The district was relying on built-in email security in Google Workspace but needed to add another layer of protection to prevent this problematic pattern from becoming a disaster.

Goals of Elmwood Park Public School District – Graphus Relationship

  • Stop business email compromise attacks
  • Add security to Google Workspace
  • Improve email security affordably

The Solution

With Graphus, Elmwood Park Public Schools got the email security boost that it needed to stop sophisticated phishing messages, mitigating its risk of business email compromise attacks. Graphus was easy to deploy and required little management from the district’s busy IT team, offering set-it-and-forget-it convenience. Graphus is also less expensive than other solutions, an important consideration for budget-conscious public schools.


  • Graphus’ bright EmployeeShield warning banner gives employees a quick, easy way to report phishing.
  • IT team members can tweak the solution to provide customized protection easily.
  • Graphus integrates smoothly with Google Workspace.

“When you get suspicious emails, you get that banner, and it's very easy for people to classify emails like that.”

Moises Cordero, Director of IT at Elmwood Park Public Schools

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“It was really simple when we deployed it.”

Moises Cordero, Director of IT at Elmwood Park Public Schools