Tangent Technologies

Tangent Technologies, founded in 2003, is the leading supplier of recycled plastic lumber as an alternative material to wood, metal, and other structural substrates in outdoor applications. Their partners are those that demand a combination of strength, durability, and aesthetics. Tangent Technologies helps create limitless possibilities by providing the highest performing material available. When it comes to alternative materials, there is no alternative. The growing company has about 650 employees and 15 locations.

  • Company: Tangent Technologies
  • Industry:Building Materials
  • Location: Aurora, Illinois
  • Established: 2003
  • Interviewed: Mark Taghap, IT Manager

"I think Graphus is a good value, and it resolves all the security pain points. It's easy to use and it provides me and my team all the data that we need in a single pane of glass, which is fantastic."

Mark Taghap, IT Manager, Tangent Technologies

The Challenge

Like most critical infrastructure companies, Tangent Technologies deals with a rising volume of sophisticated phishing messages. The company already had Trend Micro XDR and Microsoft 365 email security in place but needed more robust protection as the pace and severity of threats escalated. Tangent Technologies also faced the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance standards like PCI-DSS. After developing a relationship with Kaseya through using the remote monitoring and management solution VSA and ID Agent security solutions, Tangent Technologies turned to Graphus for the right email security solution. Graphus would both add an extra layer of powerful protection against email threats and seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing security buildout.

Goals of Tangent Technologies-Graphus Relationship:

  • Strengthen email security
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Be future-ready for new and evolving threats

The Solution

Graphus was able to quickly and affordably boost Tangent Technologies’ email security by stopping threats other email security tools had missed, including tricky business email compromise attempts originating from lookalike domains. Increased email security helped enhance compliance with a variety of regulations. The Graphus Insights dashboard also offered Tangent Technologies valuable insights into their actual email threat picture, making it easy for IT personnel to see which incoming emails have been quarantined and why those messages were deemed dangerous.


Graphus is affordable and cost-efficient for a growing company, providing excellent value.

By offering insights into the company’s threat picture, collecting that data into a central location and making email threats easy to adjudicate, Graphus alleviated security pain points. 

The Graphus EmployeeShield feature added bright warning banners on unexpected messages, making potential threats more noticeable.

Looking Forward

Tangent Technologies is looking forward to implementing the Graphus-BullPhish ID integration to seamlessly deliver phishing simulation training to employees and gain more insights into their employees’ level of security competence. The integration would also help determine who may need additional security awareness training.

“The dashboard is great; it's all consolidated with all these different types of information.”

Mark Taghap, IT Manager, Tangent Technologies

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“Every month, every day, cybercriminals just come up with these new intuitive schemes that really look realistic and many of us fall victim to them.”

Mark Taghap, IT Manager, Tangent Technologies