TechNosis Inc., established in 2005, was an early entrant into the MSP world. The company provides IT support and security consulting for customers in a wide variety of industries all over the United States. TechNosis also maintains a commitment to giving back to its community.

  • Company: TechNosis
  • Industry:MSP/MSSP
  • Location: Appleton, WI
  • Established: 2005
  • Interviewed:Bob Pankratz, founder and CEO of TechNosis

"Graphus is easy to sell. It's easy to price, and most people immediately understand why they need it because they're interacting with it. It's not a hidden-behind-the-curtain IT tool. It's very much a user tool. It’s one of our most popular products."

Bob Pankratz, Founder and CEO of TechNosis

The Challenge

As phishing surged at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, TechNosis had a need for a tool they could use to stem the tide. They wanted a solution that could handle a growing number of sophisticated phishing emails that were heavily socially engineered to slip past other defenses for clients in a wide variety of industries. The right solution would also include in-depth reporting that could help them analyze their clients’ phishing risk to determine the exact nature and origin of phishing messages.

Goals of TechNosis-Graphus relationship:

  • Stop sophisticated phishing emails from reaching employees
  • Empower employees to quickly report unusual messages
  • Analyze the nature of phishing threats to refine protection across a variety of industries

The Solution

TechNosis found that Graphus was the right solution for the job. With Graphus, the company was able to strengthen its clients’ email security to catch sophisticated email threats that other defensive tools missed. Phish911 was especially useful because it gave employees an easy way to ask for help if they received a suspicious message. The in-depth reporting available in Graphus gave the TechNosis team the analytics capability they needed to develop a profile of each customer’s unique threat pattern. That analysis also helped TechNosis educate clients about their risks to better inform their security choices.


  • Graphus’ AI helped ensure each client’s protection was right for their specialized needs instead of just declaring messages to be spam according to a general list.
  • The solution was easy to implement and integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with minimal effort from the team.
  • The Graphus support and engineering staff maintained strong communication and responded quickly to feedback.
  • In addition to Graphus, TechNosis uses several other Kaseya security solutions, which include Dark Web ID, BullPhish ID, Passly and RocketCyber, and is benefitting from the synergies and integrations between them.

“The product basically silently slipped into the stack and began to immediately do what it needed to do. So, implementation was as easy as it could be.”

Bob Pankratz, Founder and CEO of TechNosis

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“The people behind the product knew what they were doing and understood the MSP industry, which is a unique thing.”

Bob Pankratz, Founder and CEO of TechNosis