Don’t be a victim

of phishing, spear phishing, email scams, spoofed emails, or ransomware attacks!

Your people are your weakest link.

  • Social Engineering

    These sophisticated attacks are becoming increasingly hard to detect. 91% of all data breaches start with social engineering.

  • Phishing & Spear Phishing

    It is now easier than ever to execute an effective spear-phishing attack with data from company profiles and social media. And phishing attacks aren’t going away. Data show that 30% of phishing emails were opened last year, up from 23% the year prior.

  • Malicious Attachments

    Any email attachment can contain malware and easily bypass security to successfully reach its target.

  • Infected Links

    URLs in an email can lead to a phishing or malicious site that can download malware and easily slip past existing security solutions.


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Graphus protects your business from threats that slip past Google’s security

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  • “We were looking for a solution for social engineering threats that went beyond employee training. I was pleasantly surprised when Graphus caught an extremely sophisticated attack involving URL link to malware hosted at someone’s Google drive.”

    CTO & Chairman

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