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Email is the most successful delivery method for the costliest cyberattacks out there: business email compromise, credential theft, ransomware — the list goes on

Graphus is the world’s first automated phishing defense platform that protects you from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts

Phishing works by sending emails laced with ransomware, fileless malware, and other threats directly to your employees. These emails are disguised as messages from trusted individuals like a manager, coworker, or business associate to trick your employees into activating the enclosed malware or granting unauthorized access. The results include Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), credential theft, ransomware and more disastrous incidents. As these attacks grow more sophisticated, not even G-Suite or Office 365 can filter them out, but the Graphus AI can.

Phishing and the Damage It Does


Of cyberattacks start with a phishing email


Of documents used in attachment-based malware campaigns rely on social engineering


Of social engineering attacks like spear phishing are successful


Average loss per BEC attack


Of company employees on average will fall for a spear phishing attack


Of consumers would consider leaving a retailer that falls victim to a ransomware attack

How Graphus Works

How Graphus Works Graphus requires no hardware purchase or software downloads; it’s ready to deploy in minutes via cloud API to start protecting your business by:
  • Analyzing
    your employees’ business relationships (who they work with, how often they communicate, etc.) to make trusted profiles
  • Scanning
    for suspicious irregularities in message content and attachments and comparing them to trusted profiles to detect attacks
  • Learning
    from user interaction and feedback to grow smarter and defend you better from new, emerging threats

Spear phishing attacks were three times higher than we thought we were seeing. I had no idea there was that much hitting our users. Eye-opening is a good way to word it. Shocking might be another way. We thought we had a better handle on it than we did.

Martin Engineering
Mike Komnick IT Manager Martin Engineering

Graphus meets that need for an additional layer of security and requires a minimal investment in terms of time from your existing manpower.

Newk's Eatery
Adam Karveller VP of Information Technology Newk’s Eatery

Graphus is easy to set up and manage, adds the needed protection custom tailored to our organization, helps the end user learn about bad emails through the warning banners, and has a place to forward questionable emails that may not contain a banner. This, combined with the low cost, makes this product a great fit for our organization!

Thompson Knows
John Hadden IT Project Manager Thompson Knows

As an MSP working with startups, some of our clients process 500,000 emails monthly and Graphus keeps up with the quantity and filters out the malicious and suspicious content, making it feasible for our techs to review only the emails flagged

MARFi Systems
Danny Mehdi-Tash Founder & CEO MARFI Systems, Inc.

Graphus is simple to implement, and the protection it offers is great. Clients are very happy with the security provided by Graphus.

Network Integrated Technologies
James Richards Technical Team Leader Network IT

My favorite thing about Graphus is the ease of onboarding new clients. The setup is a breeze compared to other options on the market. It allows me to have an easy-to-implement security product for my clients and at an affordable rate.

Sulli Digital
Bill Sullivan CTO Sulli Digital

In a time when phishing is front and center, it's great to have Graphus providing security and protection. It is powerful and easy to use and manage.

Royal Network IT Solutions
John Sheftic Vice President Royal Network IT Solutions
Some of the biggest names from a variety of industries trust Graphus to defend their systems from phishing attacks
AWS Partner Network
Google Cloud
Newk's Eatery
Martin Engineering
Dollar Shave Club
U.S. Metals
Rio Grande Foods
United Church Homes
FI Consulting
Provenance Technology Inc.
Meadowgate Technologies
Advantage Technologies

Our Pricing Promise

Our product packages are affordably priced and include ALL of the features that make Graphus so powerful and easy to use. No complicated pricing tiers, hidden fees or extra charges – just one low, simple price per mailbox.

Graphus Enterprise

Powerful, smart protection from business email compromise, account takeover, identity spoofing, ransomware and other types of external and internal attacks. Ideal for organizations of all sizes.

Graphus MSP

Powerful protection and easy management of multiple clients, increased revenue, and unrivaled channel partner program for Managed Services Providers.

Learn about the newest online threats to cloud email and how to defend against them in the Graphus blog

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