Holiday Resources & New Powered Services Pro Campaigns

November 23, 2022
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December’s Powered Services Pro Campaign is Here! 

The December campaign about Backup from Powered Services Pro will help you boost your sales and ensure that your clients are ready for cybersecurity challenges in 2023!  Backup is a must-have for every business today, and digital transformation includes moving to cloud-based backup. Use the tools provided to demonstrate the value of cloud backup to your clients and why they need to invest in it now. 

MSP Value Prop:  

Cloud-based data needs backup too. But what if that data gets stolen or deleted? Most cloud platforms acknowledge backup shortcomings and recommend having a backup and recovery solution for cloud-based data, whether it be in O365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, etc.  

End Buyer Value Proposition:  

Ensure your cloud-based data is fully recoverable. Many small businesses realize too late that their cloud-based platforms don’t offer sufficient data restoration capabilities. Prevent data loss with backup and recovery as a service.  

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Social Media BONUS Pro Campaign: Online Shopping Risks   

Everyone’s doing some online holiday shopping at home and at work.  At the same time, risks for cyberattacks like ransomware double during the winter holidays. Your clients need to know how to mitigate that risk and reduce the chance of an unwelcome guest this holiday season, and this bonus campaign about holiday shopping risk gets the message across! 

MSP Value Prop: 

When it comes to steep discounts in times of high inflation, it can be tempting to click before thinking. Help your social media followers avoid getting scammed this holiday season by freshening up on online best practices now. 

End Buyer Value Proposition: 

Click with confidence this holiday shopping season. Brush up on spotting a real deal from a scam now, so that you only catch good deals and not a digital virus this holiday shopping season.  

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Don’t Forget About the Q4 Bonus Holiday Campaign Ads and Starter Posts, Available Now! 

Leverage our celebratory bonus ads to start a conversation about security with your clients this holiday season! 

  • US Thanksgiving (11/24) 
  • National Computer Security Day (11/30) 
  • National App Day (12/11) 
  • National Device Appreciation Day (12/17) 
  • Hanukkah begins (12/18) 
  • Christmas (12/25) 
  • Kwanzaa begins (12/26) 
  • National Download Day (12/28) 
  • New Year (01/01) 

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New Infographic! 12 Days of Tips to Help Businesses Reduce Holiday Cyber Risk 

‘Tis the season for online shopping. There are lots of Bad Santas out there. Make sure they don’t ruin your happy holidays! 

Organizations in every sector face elevated cyberattack risk during the winter holidays. After all, everyone does a little holiday shopping at work (or on their work devices). Plus, cybercriminals know that people are busy, making them more likely to be careless and make mistakes. Add that to the fact that IT teams are often understaffed during the holidays, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a cybersecurity disaster. 

These 12 tips from ID Agent can help businesses ensure that they don’t receive the unwanted gift of a cyberattack or data breach this holiday season. 

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3 Reasons Why Graphus Guarantees You a Great Vacation 

Hitting the road to spend time with friends and family over the winter holidays? You deserve a break and some time to rest and recharge! Except it can be challenging to relax when you’re worried about cyberattacks. But when you choose Graphus as your email security solution, you can take worrying about phishing and email-based cybercrime off of your list! 

This infographic shows you 3 of the reasons why you can feel comfortable kicking back and enjoying some well-earned holiday fun without thinking about cybercrime. 

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Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

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