Martin Engineering Taps Graphus to Stop Spear Phishing Attacks

January 21, 2020

Three years ago, Martin Engineering IT Manager Mike Komnick started to see a rise in spear phishing emails. They were supposedly from the CEO and sought to initiate wire transfers. One was even in process, but thankfully, canceled before completion. Then, two years ago, a ransomware attack was successfully delivered through a social engineering email.

These incidents brought new focus into protecting the company against spear phishing and social engineering attacks. “We have always tried to secure the perimeter to prevent intrusion from the outside first,” says Komnick. However, the company shifted its focus to a user-based approach when more threats began coming in through email.

DMARC and Training Helped, But Were Insufficient

The company implemented DMARC and employee training which helped some, but proved insufficient. That led the Martin Engineering team to activate Graphus. The result? Komnick says:

“Spear phishing attacks were three times higher than we thought we were seeing. Eye opening is a good way to word it. Shocking might be another way. We thought we had a better handle on it than we did.”

Graphus was able to stop 25 spear phishing attacks in just the first month and protect the company from eight different malicious links and attacks. Verizon data published this year show that phishing now drives 90% of cybersecurity breaches and another report found that 93% of all phishing emails contain encryption ransomware. Six in ten businesses will be victims of social engineering attacks this year. The threat from social engineering-based attacks is growing rapidly because they have been so successful.

Learn How Martin Engineering Uses Graphus

To learn more about how Martin Engineering protects its 800 employees in nine countries from spear phishing and social engineering attacks, download the case study below. And, let us know if you have any questions about Graphus or how we implement a Trust Graph™ to automatically identify spear phishing attacks.