MSPs: Get the Resources You Need to Sell Graphus

August 18, 2022

Graphus is an amazing, innovative email security solution that’s also easy to use and affordable. It’s a game-changer for business security. But it’s not always easy to get that message across to clients and prospects quickly. That’s why we’ve created a robust library of eBooks, infographics, checklists and other tools that can help you spread the word about the benefits of Graphus. Kaseya’s unbeatable MSP enablement program Powered Services Pro is also a great source for sales-focused resources for MSPs. Take a look at some of the growth-focused resources that are available to help MSPs start and continue profitable conversations with business decision-makers about Graphus.  

Powered Services Pro Helps You Take Your Social Media to the Next Level 

Having a next-level social media strategy is crucial to winning over new prospects and elevating your personal and professional brand! To build off the recent launch of our enhanced Done-4-U 2.0 social media management program, we’re hosting a series of live Supercharge coaching sessions to share actionable tips and insights. 

Get more help including the August Pro Campaign focused on incident response from Powered Services Pro

Our Topic-Focused Webinars Can Help You Find Your Edge Over the Competition

Make your message stand out by focusing on a timely topic that will hook your client or prospect’s interest. These recorded webinars can help you find the right edge to separate you from your competition, establish you as a thought leader and keep your MSP top of mind for everyone. 

MSP Cybersecurity Roundtable: GRC Compliance 

Security and regulatory compliance are inextricably linked. Many sectors require organizations to comply with data privacy legislation, and the penalty for noncompliance can be severe. In this webinar you will discover: 

  • How MSPs can help clients maintain compliance with new data security regulations 
  • The key role that security awareness training plays in keeping companies safe 
  • Common requirements that SMBs must adhere to 
  • How MSPs can boost their revenue stream by using compliance 

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Rise of Cybercrime-as-a-Service: What All Businesses Need to Know 

Did you know that the damage inflicted on businesses by cybercrime-as-a-service is exponentially more than the annual economic damage caused by natural catastrophes and generates more profit than the worldwide trade in all illicit narcotics combined? This growing industry is the foundation for today’s cybercrime world, and your clients are at risk of trouble from it every day. In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • What Cybercrime-as-a-Service really is and how it endangers businesses 
  • The impact that Phishing-as-a-Service and Ransomware-as-a-Service have had on the cybercrime landscape 
  • How patented, AI-driven phishing defense keeps organizations safe from cyberattacks 

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Data Breaches: What Are the Real Costs? 

Historically, attackers may have targeted only larger firms. Today, however, threat actors will go after your data if they believe it is valuable, regardless of the size or industry of your company. Watch this webinar to learn about the “hard” and “soft” consequences of a data breach, as well as some tips for securing your company. In the webinar, you’ll discover: 

  • Expenses, threats and reaction times caused by poor security 
  • Cost-increasing factors such as complexity and compliance failures 
  • How AI can reduce breach-related losses 

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Give These Resources to Your Clients & Prospects 

Knowledge is power! Educated clients and prospects are more likely to understand the risks they face, buy more security and pass that knowledge on to their business colleagues who might become new customers for you. These resources can help educate your clients and intrigue prospects, opening the door to your sales message.  

eBook -Email Security Buyer’s Guide 

In the SMB-focused Email Security Buyer’s Guide, your clients will find all the information you need to choose the email security solution that will best protect your organization from email threats, like phishing. Download it to explore: 

  • The common types of email security available today 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each type 
  • What to look for to choose a solution that works for your organization 

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Infographic – 1 Million Reasons Why Choosing the Right Email Security is More Important Than Ever 

Did you know that for the first time 1 million individual phishing threats appeared in a single quarter in Q2 2022? That’s a million reasons why your clients need powerful email security. In this infographic, explore the five biggest drivers behind that flood of risk and why email security is the cornerstone of a strong defense against cybercrime. 

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eBook – Why Automated Email Security is the Smartest Choice 

Showing your clients why AI-driven email security is better than any other type isn’t easy if they’re not well-versed in the benefits of security automation. In this eBook, we dissect the advantages that companies enjoy when they choose automated email security including: 

  • Major cost savings 
  • Drastically increased security 
  • Significant risk-reduction from phishing-related cyberattacks, like ransomware 
  • Concrete evidence of why there’s nothing else like Graphus! 

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Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

Put the powerful TrustGraph® AI of Graphus to work for your business, and in minutes you’ll get a powerful, easy-to-use, and customizable EmployeeShield® against phishing attacks.
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