Protecting employees from attacks in SPAM or JUNK folders

January 21, 2020

Using Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 out of the box security to protect your organization from sophisticated cyber attacks? Good luck.

Just like secure email gateways (SEGs), Microsoft and Google have their place when it comes to email security but struggle to detect sophisticated, targeted, and zero-day attacks. On top of this, when they do detect an attack, they push these messages to the SPAM or JUNK folders. While this is a good first step, if you are like most people, you check your SPAM or JUNK folder at least occasionally. Microsoft even recommends checking your JUNK folder occasionally.

When a legitimate attack lands in your employees’ SPAM or JUNK folders and there is no notice or warning for the recipient, it leaves your organization extremely vulnerable. If this recipient decides to check their SPAM or JUNK folder, it’s as if the attack is sitting in their INBOX.

A common example of messages landing in the SPAM or JUNK folder, especially around the holidays, are gift card messages.

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I mean, who wouldn’t want a free gift card from Amazon to help pay for all those gifts?!

How Graphus Can Help

We see these types of attacks all the time with our customers and the vast majority of them are in SPAM or JUNK folders. Graphus is able to analyze other folders besides the INBOX  because Graphus is a native cloud application that integrates with GSuite and Office 365 at the API level.

When suspicious messages are identified, EmployeShield™ is activated warning the recipient(s) of a suspicious message(s) – not only in their INBOX but SPAM, JUNK, and any other folder(s) where messages are automatically routed too. This provides IT and security personnel the peace of mind knowing they are protected no matter where the message resides.