2 New Marketing Campaigns from Powered Services Pro & Other Sales-Building Resources are Available Now 

October 20, 2022

Kaseya Powered Services Pro is an amazing asset for MSPs who want to grow their businesses and their revenue. From complete monthly marketing campaigns to specialized anytime sales enablement tools, Powered Services Pro is an unbeatable source of fresh, continually updated resources that benefit MSPs and their clients. These two new campaigns can help you start profitable conversations with your current clients and reach out to prospects about some of today’s most dangerous and damaging cybersecurity issues.  

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October’s complete campaign is Cybersecurity Awareness 

We’re celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October with an awesome Powered Services Pro campaign centered on cybersecurity awareness. This campaign is packed with resources that will help you pique your clients’ interest in starting or upgrading their security training program. Get everything you need to juice up your security training sales!  

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Help your clients understand the necessity and urgency of security awareness training with our complete campaign kit. This value-packed marketing campaign helps you share the latest cybersecurity best practices to help your customers stay one step ahead of emerging ransomware schemes, educate your customers on what’s out there and why training helps reduce risk and offer tips on how to protect their businesses. ACCESS CAMPAIGN KIT>>  

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Newly refreshed: the Data Security & Privacy Compliance Campaign 

Help organizations understand the importance — and challenges — of maintaining data security and privacy compliance protocols, particularly if their employees operate in a hybrid work environment. Show companies how they can protect their sensitive data and what to do in the event of a breach. This campaign maps well to services you can offer like Compliance Manager GRC and RocketCyber. 

Why your clients will respond to it:

Data is critical to your clients’ companies, and it’s increasingly become the target of cybercriminals looking to profit from its theft. If a breach includes legally protected data such as Personally Identifying Information (PII), the ensuing penalties can compound the loss.  This campaign helps clients discover how their organization can proactively implement measures to detect and prevent cyber threats before they result in a costly incident. 


Do you need some extra help making the most of these campaigns? Check out our Quick Start Guide for help learning how to use the Pro Campaigns.  

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Do you have a podcast? 

Podcasts are a popular and growing segment of the content world. For MSPs, podcasting can help you connect with your target audience and establish authority and starting a podcast may be easier than you think! This article will help you get started podcasting or enhance your current podcast to make it more effective: READ ARTICLE>> 

3 customer-focused educational resources

Give your clients these security-focused resources to educate them about the dangers their businesses are facing every day and what they can do to stay out of trouble using ID Agent & Graphus solutions. 

The Comprehensive Guide to Business Email Compromise 

Give your clients a look inside today’s most dangerous and damaging cyberattack! 


6 Tips for Implementing Zero Trust Security 

These tips can help your clients understand and implement zero-trust security  


Security Awareness Training: Buyer’s Guide for Businesses 

Give your customers the information that they need to choose the right security awareness training solution for them.  


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