3 ways Graphus can automate your cyber defense

January 21, 2020

Our mission here at Graphus, is to make simple, powerful, and automated cloud security accessible to any size business, anywhere in the world. Robust, enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection shouldn’t be difficult to implement or use or only be available to large enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises should have access to the same protection as enterprise organizations.

If you work at an SMB and think,  “I’m not a target for an attack!”, think again. Small to medium-sized businesses are hit with 62% of all cyber attacks. What’s more unsettling is 60% of these businesses are out of business within 6 months of an attack. Why? The average cost to clean up an attack in the United States for a small business is $690,000. For a medium-sized business, over $1,000,000.

SMB and midmarket enterprises are in desperate need for a simple, powerful, and automated cybersecurity product that allows them to continue focusing on their business without relying on expensive solutions, long implementation times, or complex products that have to be constantly configured or adjusted based on their organization’s specific environment.

In this post, we are going to briefly talk about 3 ways Graphus can automate your cybersecurity defense and provide that peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

1) Develop a Trust Graph™ that is unique to your organization

Once you have activated Graphus, our product begins to develop what we call, a Trust Graph™ which is unique to your organization. What this means is our underlying technology begins to understand your organization and whom you communicate with. It identifies who is a trusted sender and who is not based on several different attributes. Each sender is given a trust rating and if the system deems them “untrustworthy” their message is analyzed further to determine if it is a threat to the recipient and/or your organization. This Trust Graph™ is a dynamic graph that changes over time based on your organization’s communications.

What’s really interesting about this is, no two organizations have the same Trust Graph™. These are completely unique to each and every organization. Graphus is not a “one-size-fits-all” product. As your communications are unique to your organization, so should your cyber security.

2) Powerful patented AI technology to quickly identify threats

Working in conjunction with our Trust Graph™ are extremely powerful AI technologies. These technologies learn and adapt to your organization’s communication and quickly alert your staff and recipients of any suspicious or malicious threats. This means Graphus does all the heavy lifting for you and allows you to continue focusing on doing your job. There aren’t any complex configurations to manage or certifications required to install and operate Graphus. The product can be activated in less than a minute and the user-interface is straight-forward and easy to navigate.

3) Auto-generated alerts & auto-quarantined threats

Between the Trust Graph™ and powerful AI technologies, alerts are generated for any suspicious emails. And any email that have confirmed malware are auto-quarantined. All these alerts can be analyzed further within the product, and incident response and investigation can be done in minutes.

Your day shouldn’t be spent trying to determine if an email that came in was a threat to your organization. This could be a very tedious and time consuming process. With Graphus, the system will alert you on anything that could be a threat, allow you to investigate it, and get back to you job all within a matter of minutes.

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