Automatic Phishing Defense Stops Threats Fast

November 30, 2020

Automatic Phishing Defense with Graphus is Simple and Effective

Today’s biggest threat is phishing. From ransomware to data loss, it all starts with a phishing email. As you look at ways to strengthen your 2021 cybersecurity strategy, it’s time to look at new ways to defend your business with effective solutions that increase your security against digital threats without increasing your expenses. Automatic phishing defense is a key component of any cost-effective, efficient modern business cybersecurity strategy.

Protection That Grows with Your Business

Over 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email, and no business is immune to this menace. Cybercriminals have become increasingly skilled at social engineering, designing their attacks to prey on the fear that employees may have during chaotic times, like disguising their lures as COVID-19 maps, disaster relief brochures, and official government communications.That’s why it’s essential to stop incoming phishing email from hitting your staffers’ inboxes in the first place.

A Smarter Guardian

Phishing threats have increased by more than 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, making automatic phishing defense even more crucial. Graphus uses patented AI technology to defend Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite inboxes from a variety of threats delivered via email, including phishing and spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), identity spoofing, insider threats, malware, social engineering attacks, and ransomware. See Graphus in action>>

Add Three Layers of Protection

Graphus improves your phishing defense automatically with three layers of dynamic protection. Using patented AI technology combined with a smart algorithm that learns your company’s communication patterns to evolve with your business, Graphus is a simple, automated solution that stands between a potentially malignant phishing email and your systems and data.

  • TrustGraph® automatically detects and quarantines any malicious emails that break through an organization’s email security platform or existing Secure Email Gateway(SEG), so the end-user never interacts with harmful messages.
  •  EmployeeShield® alerts recipients of a potentially suspicious message to alert employees to danger that they may not notice by placing an interactive warning banner at the top that allows users to quarantine or mark the message as safe with a single click.
  •  Phish911™ empowers employees to proactively report suspicious and unwanted emails for IT to investigate reducing your exposure to potential disaster.

Never Obsolete

The best solutions aren’t just effective, they’re also easy to use and provide short-term and long-term protection. Graphus is simple to deploy and maintain, and it evolves to keep up with constantly shifting Dark Web threats. You don’t need to do anything to update the algorithm that helps keep your employee inboxes safe. As it evolves, the smart, patented AI keeps learning about how cybercriminals are targeting your unique business to grow better with time, not obsolete.

Every Minute Counts

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of Graphus – because when a phishing email is headed for your business, you need to stop it fast before one unfortunate click unleashes disaster. Let us help you protect your business from phishing in a flash.

Stay safe from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks and social engineering scams

Put the powerful TrustGraph® AI of Graphus to work for your business, and in minutes you’ll get a powerful, easy-to-use, and customizable EmployeeShield® against phishing attacks.
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